Tubular Track Roadbed?

Outside of Johnson's Rubber Roadbed, is there any readily available for tubular track? IIRC, Johnson's went out of business and is rather difficult to find...? Not looking for info on cork, foam, etc type roadbeds but a molded type roadbed. 


Anyone scenic a layout using rubber Johnson's type roadbed? 



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I'm considering the Johnson roadbed and a few other options. I don't do eBay so are there other reliable sources out there? I found Americas best but of course, no 0-31 curves which I would need.

What about seems at joints? I want it to look 100% clean with no seems in between pieces, etc.



Have you checked out Woodland Scenics roadbed.  I have used it with my Lionel tubular track.  It is flexible enough to use on 072, 054 and even 031 curves.  It comes in 24 foot rolls so you can keep the number of seams to a minimum, and even these are not very visible. 




Rick Johnson's Rubber roadbed is great stuff.  I first purchased it about three years ago for my Standard Gauge Christmas Carpet Central Railway.  I have been using it at Christmas time ever since.  It looks great, protects the carpet from oil stains and helps the trains run a lot smoother if running on a carpet.  I have also used their O Gauge rubber roadbed for a small all tinplate O gauge layout I have in my basement.  It also looks great and really helps with quiet running on a plywood base.  If you like running tubular track Johnson's roadbed can't be beat.  I ordered some additional roadbed last year and used this telephone number to get in touch with them:  310-371-9668.  Hope this helps.

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