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Working on this for the 4H train show this weekend.IMG_1717

Very nice Joe, I must ask though who owns the Lehigh Valley Low Hood RS32?

When my friend bobby goes to Pittsburgh to college I more or less borrow it from him. I have another custom painted C420 in Tuscan and until I get a second C420 or another LV diesel I'll be borrowing his.

- Joe

Somerset County 4-H Trainmasters, METCA,

Independent Hi-Railers Eastern Division,

Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders,

Raritan River Chapter of the NRHS,

Black River Railroad Historical Trust


"You're too young to remember the Raritan River!" -Told to me by a man at a train show.

WBG PETE, I am so very glad to see you sharing your handsome layout here. I remember it well from photos you shared on another forum, and always thought every view of the layout was totally enjoyable. I hope you will continue to show us more of that exceptional, beautiful layout you had.


Here is one of mine in construction on the new layout....



"If two rails are good, than three rails has got to be better."


"Give a person a toy train and watch them play for a day. Teach a person to fill their basement with trains and give them a lifetime hobby."


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