Two GP-7 Legacy diesels without working headlight and rear light

Six to eight years ago I bought two new Lionel Legacy GP-7 diesels (6-28340, 6-28570). The front and rear headlights have never worked. I once was bold enough to take the body off one of them to look for a loose or broken wire, but nothing looked amiss. Since it happened to both, out of the box, I wonder if this is a known problem with a known solution. Any clues about possible easy fixes?

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Bob Anderson posted:

OMG!  I thought I'd tried that years ago, but perhaps I did it when the loco was off. It works. An eight-year problem solved in one response! Thank you.

Bob ,

Love your you tube channel Video's and layout.  I have never seen the Santa Fe GP's on any videos, are they Zebra Stripe paint scheme?

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