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Are you still offering your single Premier rolling stock with two different road numbers? 

I ask for a number of reasons:

- 2017 v1 Premier rolling stock pages do not show the normally prominent "Each Roadname Available In 2 Car Numbers" statement.  I got curious and looked at older catalogs and found 2015 v2 was the last time you made that statement in your catalogs.

- I tried to purchase two road numbers of the 20-91562 NS Caboose and the 20-93665 C&O 50' Box car (both 2015 v2) and found they were only produced in one number, unlike the 2015 v2 catalog indication of two numbers.

- I preordered two road numbers of the 20-95175 Pacer Stack Husky (2016 v1) from Just Trains and the two-car shipping boxes all came to them with the same road number, not the normal two.  JT said they were investigating with you (MTH).

- Many of the recent MTH Product Locator pages for new stock no longer list road numbers as before with previous products.  So it becomes harder to tell what is produced.  This is unfortunate if one is looking to add rolling stock and you can no longer look up the road numbers to compare for what you have or need.   The Product Locator is a great tool for your customers.  Please bring this information up to date.

I appreciate your response in advance and hope that two road number is still the norm for your great products.





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Hi Jeff,

Appreciate your thoughts.  As well, I think MTH is generally still doing two road numbers, but my recent experiences are driving the question here. 

Re: the MTH website, I mimicked your process (Advanced Find/2016v2/Premier/Rolling Stock) and found some but not all the 2016 v2 road numbers in the previews of 82 products.  That matches my original thought where I said "many" of their newer pages seem to be missing the road numbers.  Not all pages, but many.  For 2016 v1, the same process brings up 85 products with zero road numbers listed.  The Product Locator is one of the great tools in the hobby.  I hope they update it.




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