Well, it's possible that you may have clicked "CTRL" + "-" on accident. To reverse that just press the combo I mentioned above. Otherwise, it could be in settings. I need more info to figure out what happened exactly. Has it always been small, or is this small font new? Email me if you're more comfortable.

A meen Train Guy,    No, the font was two steps larger.   Your instruction was much appreciated and worked perfectly.

German,  you may be on to something as to human cause.  Having lessened sensation in my fingertips I have surprised myself with what they produced via my smart phone's suggestive word inserts.   The reduced font was probably 100% my unintentional fault. 

Eternity is a long time to have been wrong.

Tom Tee posted:

Is he forum font size determined my me or OGR?  My email accounts are all 14 or 16.  The recent font size on OGR seems like an 8 or there abouts??


For many Internet browsers, holding Ctrl and scrolling the mouse button changes the font sizes.  It's easy to do by accident.  For Firefox, you can go to View, Zoom, and select Reset to get the default sizes back.

Face it, you're getting older.  They like to play mind games with us oldsters.....LOL

Dan Padova


"In the course of my life I have had to eat my words, and I must confess it was a wholesome diet"..........Winston Churchill


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