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At the end of November I tried ordering MTH's  RailKing Christmas 4-Car (Santa Clause/Christmas/Holiday/Express)  50' Double Door Plugged Boxcar with LED Lights Set #30-7088 from a major online O Gauge retailer who's also a forum sponsor but discovered their last set had been sold the day before I called. I was assured however that MTH was doing another run of this set that would be available the early part of 2018. Has anyone heard whether that's indeed the case?

I called the store several times today with no success,  each time getting a recording saying they were on the line with other customers.

Revised 7:20 PM / Feb. 23, 2018

G-R-E-A-T  N-E-W-S!!  I received a call back from dealer. He said he spoke directly to Mike at MTH and was told the car set I asked about is being rerun and will be available under a different number in the catalog that's to be released at York. Delivery expected Summer of 2018.

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Granted MTH has not put out any catalog for O Gauge yet this year ("main" catalog is usually around York, often the RTR set catalog comes out around now although I've heard they are going to do it all at York) but do NOT count on a second run. There has been no mention of it, no indication of it nor have the sets been rerun in a Fall 2017 catalog.

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