At $3 a bit the laser cutter is about 1200 drill bits.



The PIC uses the white trigger wire coming from the DZ-2500C switch machines. I think the PIC will not work with Lionel switch machines that do not have a trigger wire. Since I have only "Ross-Ready" Ross-Curtis switches with DZ machines and no newer Lionel switches I am not really familiar with their electrical operation.

Being a former SE/CE I feel our loss. Who'd of thought a transistor or IC or mosfet would be so important in our futures!

Board was revised to use screw down connectors; 


Holes were added to facilitate wiring the center set of connectors; and a second power connector was added to facilitate daisy chaining the boards with a single power source.

Wiring from the DZ-2500s  and power source would look like this:


However, because of the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, the production has been delayed to this Sunday. It will take 2 weeks to complete the 10 boards.


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