I'm in the midst of adding an  N Gauge railroad to my Carnival area of my layout. The idea is to use it as a ride for people in the carnival area. I will add benches to some n gauge flat cars for people to sit on to get around the carnival. Has anyone ever tried something like this?

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I have all the equipment to do it, but not the layout.  It has been done before and there used to be a thread on this forum about it.  It was many years ago, but you might be able to find it on search. 

The Bachmann 4-4-0 American Standards are just about perfect for the kind of steam locomotives you see at a lot of parks.



I used a Kato F7 set with a converted flatcar as a park train, similar to what you mentioned, and it was about perfect.  The Kato locomotives are pretty rugged and it ran surprisingly well without issue on my O gauge Christmas display.  Unfortunately I haven't had the room for it the past couple years.

Way,way back in the day, when I was perhaps sixteen, I had a Rapido "N" gauge set that I did the very same thing with on my "O" gauge layout.  It's very doable and fits in nicely as a ride on train.  

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Try and avoid putting switches on your N-scale park ride.  It will make general maintenance a fair amount easier in the long run.




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Jim Policastro posted:

Tourists rode the amusement park train through my Mesozoic Park:

MesozoicPk 001


Except that my engine is Southern Pacific, mine looks just like this. I cut a Arttista engineer in half, and glued him onto a black square. Although a bit more expensive, I used a Kato engine. You need to clean the tracks (also Kato) now and then because N is more fussy. Mine circles a Mr.Christmas animated circus tent.

Hi Gip,

        If you go to youtub and enter  (dicello lines ) you will get a look of what I did with N scale on my layout. Number 5745 and 5763 show the N scale train. Number 5795 shows an overview of the layout. Have fun and good luck.

                                                                              John Har 

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