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I have my TIU wired using Variable Track 1 to a loop I want to DCS Command conventional engines. Red light is on so I know TIU is powered (used jumpers from Fixed 1). Problem is I am not getting any voltage to the conventional track wired to Variable 1. I have called up TIU Variable Track 1 on the remote but I am getting "Out of RF Range" message. I know this may be 2 different issues but shouldn't I be getting voltage to the track? Also I am holding the remote right next to the TIU and getting the out of range message.

please help....
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Searched the forum and found Barry's suggestion from an earlier post to add a telphone cord between TIU and remote. It worked and I got track voltage for a while until TIU error message started flashing. I am able to operate but inconsistently depending upon when the error message decides to pop up.

Any suggestions?

I thought I read on the forum if remote reads "TIU ERROR" or "Out of RF Range" with a telephone cord connected, boards in both units need to be re-seated.

Most of the time the 2 units communicate with the telephone cord connected but if I disconnect the cord the error messages come up.

Anything else I should try?

Thanks for your help!!

open the TIU, there is a small board with the antenna sticking out of it.
see if it is seated good in its socket.
The remote is harder to open, but it is more likely to have the RF board loose from dropping the remote.
I think there was a thread on here about changing the thumb wheel which should explain how to open the remote.
There is a small RF board in it that comes loose at times.
Looks like my TIU and Remote need service. Units will only communicate when telephone cord is connected despite boards being seated properly.

Do any forum members fix this problem on DCS units and how much would it cost?

Does MTH charge for this service (and how much?) and does anyone know the approx turnaround time required?

thanks again!
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