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This new Midwest Traction Hub Video 835 shows a DCC Programmable Model Train Controller (aka NCE Mini-Panel) controlling 6 MTH Protosound-3 O-Ga. PCC cars on a small loop -- using 1 infrared detector and no blocks.

* We can use a simple method to do this: We run 1 car on the "Mainline" at Speed 6, and we run the other 5 cars in the "Yard Area" at Speed 1.
* When the "Mainline" car crosses in front of the detector to enter the yard, we reduce its speed from Speed 6 down to Speed 1, and we speed-up the front car in the Yard from Speed 1 to Speed 6 as it pulls out onto the Mainline.

* We can run any combination of the 6 cars (6 cars, 5 cars, 4 cars, 3 cars, 2 cars, or 1 car) -- as long as we keep them in the same order

* The system is configured so that it can be used as a public display. It has a "public" pushbutton out in front, labeled "Push and Release. The public can use this public button to start the cars.


* I've included the JPEG images in this posting.

* There is also a "Documentation Album" is in a Google Drive album at .

* The Google Drive album include some additional files -- which are the PDFs and the original Open Office document for the commands.

bbTitle-phal835bf-youtubeddScnCap835e-02-55df9344track1600f9352-control1600fd-control-mp31fh9354-control+wires1600q50fj9397control+labels1600fm9399-four-controlsfo9340note1600 copyha-flow-charthb-commands-pg1hb-commands-pg2hb-commands-pg3hb-commands-pg4hb-commands-pg5hb-commands-pg6hb-commands-pg7jd-link-video-jh-link-docs-PDFsyz-end-jamesIngNet


Images (21)
  • bbTitle-phal835
  • bf-youtube
  • ddScnCap835e-02-55
  • df9344track1600
  • f9352-control1600
  • fd-control-mp31
  • fh9354-control+wires1600q50
  • fj9397control+labels1600
  • fm9399-four-controls
  • fo9340note1600 copy
  • ha-flow-chart
  • hb-commands-pg1
  • hb-commands-pg2
  • hb-commands-pg3
  • hb-commands-pg4
  • hb-commands-pg5
  • hb-commands-pg6
  • hb-commands-pg7
  • jd-link-video-
  • jh-link-docs-PDFs
  • yz-end-jamesIngNet
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