my first run for this engine and the pano caught the ceiling of a tunnel.

now this pano is stuck in the up position and looks higher than the other pano

how do I fix it?  It will not lower when I reverse the engine

the other pano works fine

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hi here are the parts listed from the Lionel web parts sight!;CFTOKEN=65891033

you [probably broke or bent something when it hit your tunnel inside and

with the momentum from the train running forward something had to GIVE or even bent the mechanism striped gear belt who know! 


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If you send it to Lionel expect a bill between $80 and $100.

Unlike other GG1’s, these pantographs are screwed to the body so any hang up will cause severe damage to the pan.  I have had this happen.  There are pins  welded to the bottom crossbars of the pan frame that cause the pan to move up and down.  It is very likely that you have bent one, or both of these.  You also need to inspect the rest of the pan structure for damage.  If you are lucky, very lucky, you might be able to bend the pins back.

At 1/2 price, you might want to have a spare pan on hand.

If you are not comfortable taking this apart, find a tech or send it to Lionel.


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