The Wabash handrails are very distinctive and I wanted to replicate them with wire but I realized this feature needed to be modeled accurately so in came the brass flatbar. It is time consuming but I like it.

Yes, those are GM&O Roodhouse cabooses.

Thank you.


The Caboose Track


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Malcolm another fantastic build!!!!!!!!!!!!  To anyone who doesn't own one of his masterpieces you need to have Malcolm build you one. I am fortunate to own the Akron Canton & Youngstown bay window caboose that he built several years ago. It is on display in my living room with a super detailed AC&Y 0-8-0. Thanks again for building it.

"When it came time to fill the track pan, railroad employee Bolivar T. Shagnasty turned on the water, then walked to a bar nearby to partake in a liquid lunch. Reportedly, Mr. Shagnasty enjoyed his lunch so much that he consumed a second helping, followed by a third and in all likelihood a fourth, which caused him to repair to a nearby alleyway in order to regain his composure."

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