Hello Friends, I’m installing a power master 360 and two 180w powerhouses to my main line. My question is about extension cords? Can I use one beefy cord with a splitter and plug in both 180w units into that cord (one outlet)? The outlet is near the dryer. I welcome your thoughts. 

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Well, I would use at least a 14 gauge with a ground in a three prong outlet preferably on it's own breaker. Lionel still has the 2006 manual for PH-180's which only rates input voltage and output volts and amps.

if you are using a PW360 you must have a multiple engine train that needs more than 9.5-10amps.

Better to have ample capacity on the extension cord the same as house wiring.  That pair of bricks will warm up a light gauge extension cord. No 18 gauge lamp cords for that application.


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  Everything electrical should have it's voltage & amp draw printed on it. Our power supplies also list the output.      In & out is mostly listed/grouped logically, so just add up the total amp draws on the 120v side and make sure your ext.cord can handle it.... That max is normally inked or embossed on the cord or plug if you look close.

  With an appliance extention cord you might be ok with all three.... depending on the wall outlets rating...then breakers...etc

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The (6) duplex outlets are wired to one male cord end adaptor, bottom edge of picture, yellow. One power cord, usually a good  #12 gauge, grounded extension cord, supplies all the power to the Fort Pitt Modular display.  At times the twelve outlets shown are used.  Extension cords, to each member's modules, for their display pieces, but still one circuit.  One wall wart pictured is for the TMCC base unit, left in picture.  The other wall wart is power to an SC-2 controller on the "Y" module controlling (6) switch combinations.  With today's accessories there are a lot of Wall wart transformers that need an outlet.   This is one of the Fort Pitt Modules, note all the 110 volt wall wart transformers and two short plug strips. 

A good 14 gauge/ 3-wire extension cord with a good quality power strip will be fine. The power strip should have surge protection in it as well. A 15 amp / 120 volt circuit will carry 1800 watts AC with no problem.

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