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Warren... I have a Weaver VO 1000 switcher. It's one of my favorites but there is a known problem with new /old stock VO 1000's having a grease in the two motor/trucks that turns hard over the years. It must be removed and new grease and oil used to restore it to proper operation. I am tied up at the moment...try searching here to find several posts on the problem and solutions to repair. I'll check in later and help if needed.


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Warren.....My fix for VO 1000 TMCC. Hope this helps. Reset fixed problems.

Resetting the tmcc will do no good as the o.p. stated the flywheel is hard to turn. That is an important clue the cheap crappy "grease" used on that loco is hardening. I purchased one at a great price a few years ago at the Hamburg PA train show. It would light and sound but not go. After inquiring on this forum it was determined it was the bad grease. Several q-tips and regreasing with lucas red and tacky this loco runs like a champ to this day!

The trucks are held to the motor via a single machine screw. You may need to pry the motor from the truck block if the grease is b holding like glue. Just be careful not to damage the gears inside the block and The worm gear on the motor shaft. You must clean out as much of that tan/ brown gook as possible. Prepare to use toothpicks to remove in-between the gears teeth too. Replace with red and tacky grease and you are good to go!

Warren....good you are making progress. prr...sorry you misunderstood my post. My VO 1000 had two problems, the solid grease and TMCC was waking up in conventional. A simple reset using code 43 woke everything up once I cleaned and lubricated the motor/trucks. Warren try the's easy and a logical first step. After that check for loose wires/solder joints. Carefully re seat the three boards. The fact that couplers and lights are  working may mean that reset will not work for you. It could be a bad speaker,wiring or the sound board among other things.



Program/Run switch to Program

Place engine on track and power up

ENG ## (where ## is the engine i.d. that you want)




Power off, move Program/Run switch to Run

Power on, address the engine and try blowing the horn.  If still no sound, try AUX1, then 3 to start up sounds.

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Warren....Worth a try! Are you comfortable carefully removing or moving the sound board and power board and then re seating them? If you pull them all he way off make sure the pins line up going back on. Idea here is that corrosion may be the problem. Sometimes moving and re seating will get them working. Without working spare boards to try that's about it for me.

GRJ GGG and others are a lot sharper on this then me. 


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