Weekend Photo Fun 1/11/19 HONGZ

5307371D-FE44-4A21-9434-3C7928E145717ACA077A-5631-4B01-8753-975A98C2CCDB82819310-8184-41E6-9FE3-819F90762EBC6D38AB06-236B-47B5-A746-23FACF4E5E50Not mine of course but I was in San Antonio for work and had a few minutes to stop by the San Antonio model railroad museum. Very nice people took probably 45 minutes and showed me around and discussed whatever I was interested in. I would recommend it for a visit if your down that way.

Dennis Holler If its old and broke, I like it


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Nice pictures Dennis!

Lots of things going on here, but no pics to speak of. 


* Mainly working on rolling stock when I'm at the workbench. Think I've got about 3-4 cars readied over the past week.

Other accomplishments:

* My track planning has arrived at the final town. When I get track penciled in for this final town, it will then be at my "Test Of Time" phase in which I leave the track plan on the table and let it simmer, stopping by occasionally and looking it over. Oft times when doing so, an "idea" with dawn on me to do something better, and I try the change to see if it's so.

* Also been acquiring a few desired items off eBay every now and then. (Made an offer that was accepted on a NIB "Backwoods Engine House" kit this afternoon, for example.)

* Firming up my idea of my "dual era" concept for my upcoming layout. What? I haven't mentioned this over here at OGR? Well... I'll have to catch you all up on the latest one of these days.

All fer now!


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