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Mason’s latest addition to his OO gauge motive power depot. 


Father/son trip to the train store this morning as he did very well at school this week. Topped up his Christmas money for this second hand Hornby R2000 GNER Class 43 (aka intercity 125) set. He got to ride on the real thing just before Christmas so that’s why he chose it.

Have to say it runs very quiet and smooth. The one I had as kid sounded like a coffee grinder!  

Don't tend to go to train stores much in the UK except for scenic materials. Our local one has recently expanded and now has quiet a bit of RTR 2 rail O gauge as well as the normal OO & N. 

Have a great weekend, stay safe from the weather.

Mason & Nick


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Today I was back at my workbench continuing to get me a rolling stock fleet for my 1880s Colorado & Pacific ready for paint. Decided to do a "chopped-top" car.

I've never been happy with the oversize height of the Mantua "old time" boxcar. (Looks like it could be a candidate for the first "Hi-Cube" car!) Read an online article on chopping out a scale 1' of height as well as lowering the frame so its proportions are more in keeping with the boxcars the Mantua model was SUPPOSED to represent.

Anyway, after some slicin' n' dicin'... here's a pic of the result. On the left is one of my modified Bachmann 34' train set cars, in the middle is my "Chopped-Top Mantua", and on the right is a box stock Mantua "Hi-Cube" car...


All fer now!



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briansilvermustang posted:





nmp's... either .


but could be this  00F0F_5ZHRk8AlHj7_600x450or gg-1


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