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Great photos everyone!  Here's some from around Patsburg and the Free State Junction Railway for this weekend.  Have a wonderful weekend!!IMG_0004IMG_0005IMG_0037IMG_0038IMG_0053IMG_0050IMG_0068IMG_0091IMG_0093IMG_0095IMG_0102IMG_0105

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

Home Office - Patsburg, Maryland 


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Here’s a 5 minute project. Occasionally some Lionel turns up on the UK version of a well known auction site. Sometimes I “rescue” an item.


In good nick but missing “grass squares”. A kitchen foam/scotchbrite cleaner matched perfectly for the “grass”.


Have a great weekend



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A cold winter day on the CSX down the road from my house. The cross ties that were replaced last Fall are still stacked along the right of way.



Looking east I caught a flock of geese flying above the track. Look at the top of the picture.


Stay warm my friends! The forecast for Lakeland Tuesday night is 7 degrees!




TCA 86 23495

Casey Jones Chapter TCA

Casey Jones HI Railers


Visit www.memphismodelrailroaders.com for information about all the train clubs and their activities  in the Memphis and Mid South area


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Atlas O Great Northern PS-1 50' box car just released.


Atlas O Trainman CP Rail 40' sliding-door box car


Newly produced Trainman Grand Trunk Western 40' sliding-door box cars from Atlas O 


Newly produced and released Atlas O Trainman Toronto, Hamilton, & Buffalo 40' sliding-door box car. 



Falcon Service


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SIRT posted:


RI 18 E [1)

RI 18 E [2)

RI 18 E [8)

RI 18 E [9)

RI 18 E [11)

I'm impressed. This is the type of weathering I like and saw on boxcars of not abused, but rather the effect of the sun, wind, elements,  and time on a freight car.

Excellent, I would be proud to have a couple weathered to this effect.

scott.smith posted:

It's time for WEEKEND PHOTO FUN!!

Here are pictures I took this week.


Let's see your pictures.

Scott Smith


Always liked that IRR "Creamsicle" paint scheme and of course the Seaboard bridge is a hit with me.

Just want to say thanks for all the Weekend Photo Funs you've started.

All I can say is "Often imitated, but never duplicated"!!!


Having A Blast Running BPRC

                             a very nice photo, like all the snow covered trees...

                                   Amtrak, "dashing through the snow"...

                helping the town out with some street plowing....

                          a little snowball fight with some passengers...

    nmp's...                            some backyard railroad help...



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End of an era at our local park railroad! 

As many long time folks here know, I was involved in our local park railroads for many years. We have two county parks within 20 minutes of me running 2 foot gauge scenic railroads. The park closest to me, about a half mile away, is where I spent most of my time. I hear the whistles all day long from April - October. 

Last year was the 50th season. The locomotives have been replaced over the years (a total of 4 different "C.P. Huntington" replicas from Chance Manufacturing have provided motive power over the years. Today, primarily #378 provides the power but elderly #281 is used on occasion (#281 was moved to standby service after the #378 was delivered new in June 2014). 

Last week, the Parks department closed the sale of all 5 original coaches. I know it may sound corny but that sale is a real kick in the gut for many that grew up around the place. A real loss to local history. It is a sad day to see them go. The train will start the 2018 season in March using a fleet of brand spankin' new coaches. The old ones needed some mechanical work (new wheels primarily) but still have plenty of life left in them. I'm curious to know where they will be heading....

Here is a little "look back".....

Full train, downhill. Your's truly at the controls here, hands on the air brakes.


I believe this was the first or second weekend of the 2011 season. The locomotive (281) had spent the entire winter receiving major mechanical work and we were still "breaking it in". I remember making many adjustments on various parts - brakes especially - those first few weeks. DSC05349

Same time as above, we also got the smoker running again and, of course, we were having some fun! The 281 was one of the last Chance made with the smoker option. The smoker system caused issues with emissions controls and similar on new units and is no longer available. DSC05357

End of the day, backing inside. Summer, 2013 shortly before my departure. IMG_0356

You may notice the cars in chipped paint with white accents. That was the original paint. Over the winter 2011-2012, the cars got their first-ever repaint. I, admittedly was a bit against it but they turned out beautifully. Personally, I still like the old look with the white accents. I wasn't doing the painting and I remember it taking longer than expected so it was "hurry up and get it done" before the season started. 


The new cars will not have the Indian heads. Always loved those and thought they looked great! DSCN0072

#378 was delivered new in June 2014. It's first day of revenue service was July 1, 2014. It is the primary engine now, #281 (left) sees occasional service. I ran the 281 everyday just about. It was a GREAT engine. LOTS of power. Sounded great. I, as well as several of those that had been around the trains for a long time were not really fans of the new engines. We LOVED the old ones. IMG_1111

Over at our other park, I was asked to assist with the unloading and associated test runs of the engine over there after several weeks of mechanical work at the automobile shop. We had a trailer with rails and a "ramp", as you can see. I remember this day in January 2011. It was wicked cold but a lot of fun! 


I was "volunteered" to ride the engine off the trailer. Note I did not "volunteer myself"........ A bit of a hair-raising experience. It did end up on the rails.....on the second try!!!!!!! LOL! WheatonTrainJan2011locomotive return 001-3WheatonTrainJan2011locomotive return 003-2WheatonTrainJan2011locomotive return 002-2


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