It's time for WEEKEND PHOTO FUN!

I continued working on the tinplate layout this past week.IMG_5832

I still had two more tunnel portals to build on the other side of this wall and to start a mountain on the other side as well. My son cut the tiles:




This evening I covered the wall with Sculpt-A-Mold.


I will need to use pigment paints after it dries.

We also added the elevated section in the other room.


Now I  have to make 18ft of 5 rail tinplate track to connect this level to the other room. That will be another day.

Let's see your pictures.

Scott Smith



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A 2019 Christmas Layout memory

The last 2 weeks I showed on overall view, one from the front left and one from the front right.  Today's is front center looking right and left.

I designed the scenery for the layout keeping in mind the number of youngsters that were expected to show up. 

On the left, there's a winter scene with Santa's house, a dino park that many kids called Jurassic park, and in the back a bum camp.

In the center is a zoo of sorts: snake pit, petting zoo, wild animal zoo, and a walkway for viewing.

On the right is a small Easter Bunny village with drive-in movie showing "The easter bunny is coming to town".

The plateau will be another week.

- walt

z - Overall from Middle favoring left side

z - Overall From Middle favoring right side


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Great pics guys!   Here is my photo fun for this fine weekend.  Have a splendid weekend everyone! IMG_8217IMG_8219IMG_8255IMG_8287IMG_8314IMG_8388IMG_8393IMG_8396IMG_8404IMG_8551IMG_8543IMG_8537

Cheers and Happy Railroading,

Patrick W  

CEO - The Free State Junction Railway 

" Where the music is sweet and the trains always run on time"

Home Office - Patsburg, Maryland 


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The photographer caught GM's Train of Tomorrow departing the station heading to its next promotional stop.  It is mid-1949 and the train's 2-year U.S. tour is almost over.  After a few months in Chicago and at the Chicago Railroad Fair, the ToT will spend 2 months in Canada then return to Detroit where the cars will be sold into railroad service.  The E7 will return to the UP and be re-painted in UP yellow.

GM_ToT2 [2)GM_ToT3





Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!  Author Sherry Anderson


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Let's start today with a dramatic shot of a detoured NYC wartime passenger train bursting out of the tunnel and cut under Roark Mountain and storming the dual-track truss bridge over the White River headed toward Notch Junction.  The pic was taken from a sandbar in the middle of the river:


The next shot is more sedate, taken from a distant bluff as Frisco #719 trundles a peddler freight across the same bridge in the opposite direction:


Earlier that day, another photographer caught the same train crossing the deck girder bridge over the confluence of two local creeks; the train is drifting toward Notch Junction:


The same photographer that caught the peddler freight on the White River bridge also caught a Silver Dollar line freight pausing at the Roark Mountain Junction Tower to pick up orders while the crew accepts parcels and passengers at the Marmaros depot:


You'll have to overlook the mess around the layout:  I'm getting to the point when I can finish the fascia and add paneling for skirting to clean up these views, but we're not quite there yet.  And it's time to do some more backdrop painting.

Frisco, MoPac, and T&P near Rolla, MO


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