Weekend Photo Fun 3-16-18-??

Photo Fun this weekend was at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA. The blue floor almost looks like a lake, perhaps iced over. This was a Lion Chief Plus RS-3 with a cut of coal cars just this morning. I wish I'd noticed this effect before. I'd have removed the plastic shields and taken LOTS of train photos!  


B&O Bill


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                               a hazy morning down at the station....

                           getting ready to head out west... ALL ABOARD !

                 here we are leaving Chicago after our station stop...

              later that morning we have a meet with a eastbound train...


                        skies cleared up, turned out to be a nice day...


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coach joe posted:

Gilly, how does the model compare with the station as it is today?  I see a visitor's center sign and planters and stone "patios" or walkways.  If  that is how the station looks now visitors won't even have to read the sign to recognize it.



I'm pretty sure it will instantly be recognized. We will be adding some detail items, people, and tweaking the scenery to make sure things line-up a little better. The clock, for example is one thing that we will be adding. I have an operational battery powered one from Lionel. We'll also install a nice big fluffy tree to the right.


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SouthernMike posted:
nkp4me posted:


Can we see more of your MTH grainery? What paints did you use?

Hey Mike - Sure. 

I just used Americana craft paints and painted by hand, and gave it a dullcoat when done. It's been several years since I did it, so I don't remember what all colors I used, but a couple shades of brown, sand, and grey stone were used. I do remember their being a thread at one time talking about the grainery buildings on the forum, that led me to research it further online, and that led me to what you see.




Nickel Plate High Speed Service


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