Weekend Photo Fun 8/11/17 HONGZ


DSCN2390The only Lionel locomotive on my railroad, a New York Central S2 is rescuing a stalled IRT train. The S2 has TMCC which is not an operating system on my railroad, so I run the S2 in "Conventional" mode on the EL.


A New York Central beast. I wish that a Rail King version of the 1309 Beast of The East will be available in the near future.

DSCN2385This is the unfinished end of my railroad. This end will get  second level deck containing a mimic of New York City with a loop of the Third Avenue Railway.

The Rail King AC12 Cab Forward is on a 031 curve. Articulated engines are the best runners on sharp curves and complex switch arrangements.

Bobby Ogage

"I hear that train a coming,

it's rolling around the bend"



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