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Many years ago, when looking around at a train collectors fair, a seller had just a few Lionel Standard Gauge items. Lionel Standard Gauge is rather rare here in the Netherlands, so I had no plans to have a Standard Gauge layout. One of the items was a crane, and I thought that just having this one crane as an example of Standard Gauge trains was a good idea, so I bought it. This started a sub-collection of cranes, some of these I already have shown here and more to come. So here is the starter:




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Thanks guys, Yes, I've been trying to replicate the 1940 Lionel catalog rendering for the 115 station.  I always loved that shot and at some point got the idea to cram it in here. It uses all of a 4x8 board, but it also gives a home to a bunch of passenger trains and I was able to get long enough tracks to get the whole train beyond the switches..  I still have to wire it all up and work on that giant base for the station though.  I'm getting tired of looking at the cardboard mockup!

Today we'll take a look at Bing's famous 3 car interurban sets.  At the outset let me say that I only have one complete set --the London & Northeastern interurban, and once had one coach of the extra rare U Bahn set.  The third set which is also quite rare is the Metropolitan set, but I've never had the opportunity to purchase even one coach.

So, the photos will show the LNER interurban and the U Bahn coach I once had.  Perhaps

Dennis and Fred can add examples from their collections.


Lew49 Bing LNER Motor Train on Curve48A LNER LIGHTED 148 Bing LNER Motor Train close upMy former U Bahn Coach


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  • 49 Bing LNER Motor Train on Curve
  • 48 Bing LNER Motor Train close up
  • My former U Bahn Coach
Steamer posted:

hmmmm...I like that, and lately I've acquired several passenger cars myself.....but where would I put all the stuff that the station area would take over, and besides the furnace and water heater there's no more room at the inn.....

Yeah well,...... That's why I pretty much only have some loops and a couple of sidings.....That station area takes up a bunch of space.  I pretty much have no where good to put my 97, 164, and 165...Although I could probably find some room if I would just clean off the layout  

That said, you might be able to go second level to add something similar without losing to much.  I see more and more layouts with creative  and fairly open second levels.

Besides, if you keep buying passenger cars, you'll have no choice!!

American Flyer set M16 ca, 1914-1917

The catalog illustration from 1914


...and the set itself


   This set is one of those interesting Flyer anomalies.  The catalog for 1914 and 1916 state the Parlor Cars are #1106.  The Catalog cut for 1914 illustrates them as #1106 and #1107.  The Greenberg guide to pre-war O gauge indicates the cars were made between 1914 and 1916. The only cars in the catalog for those years with #1103 are the earlier Chicago cars.


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  • 1915_AF_Set_16red

Dennis, i really enjoy your passenger station, it looks really great with your passenger cars and i understand now why i cannot buy a 156 platform on the bay .... it seems you want all of them....

Very best,   Daniel

Thanks Daniel,  I only buy the cheap ones though.  I leave the high priced ones for those that are far more dedicated than I!  That said, it took a while to pick these up!

lewrail posted:

Woops.  I meant Daniel (FRENCH TRAINS ) not Dennis in my discussion of who might have

the Bing interurbans. Sorry Dennis.



I am sorry Lew but i don't have any Bing interurban in my collection. Even in France, Great Britain and Germany they are rarely offered for sale, and when there is one, it always command a very high price. Congratulations for yours, it is in great condition, you are very lucky to have a high quality one.

Very best,  Daniel

Here is another one of my forays into Ives.  I believe this is "The Oriole" from 1929 - 1930.


It has the #3260 Box Cab (I think I recognize its #248 Lionel origins).  It came with a #133 Parlor Car and a #134 Observation Car.  I think that is the way the set was marketed.   This set came to me with a #135 Parlor Car.

I will have to go visit the Ives Society site and do some research to determineif it ever came this way as a set.

In any case it looks nice as a three car train too.

Have a great Tinplate Weekend

Northwoods Flyer



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