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New Haven Joe posted:

Many SP modelers model Dunsmuir, CA.  It was the division point for adding helpers for the climb into the Cascade mountains.  The line is now operated by the UP and is an Amtrak Coast Starlight stop in the middle of the night.  Here are a few photos  that I took several years ago.  NH Joe



                       Great pictures Joe! I see the "Malley" shed and turntable are still there. 

I attended the TCA Convention in Albuquerque, NM this past summer and took the tour to the Santa Fe 2926 restoration facility.  2926 is one of the largest Northerns ever constructed.  It is much larger than SP 4449 and SF 3751.  2926 is supposed to be steaming this winter or early next year.  The boiler needed to be pressure tested and the cylinders  installed at the time of this visit - August 2019.


Notice how the tender gleams.  Reflections of the people can be seen in the paint.  This is an oil fired engine.




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                                                MTH AT&SF "Big Hudson."

                                                              MY PHOTO

I have that model as well. One of my favorite locomotives. I also have a MTH Premier version of it's sister 3460, the "Blue Goose". 

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Here are photos of the old Southern Pacific station in Roseburg, OR.  I took these photos in 2015.

The station has been converted to a restaurant.  It is still alongside the tracks but the tracks are owned by a shortline railroad.  I don't recall its name.  Roseburg was once a booming lumber town.  I think that the tank car shown in the photo is used for fire fighting.  The restaurant had good food and beer.  NH Joe




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It is Wednesday, December 25, 2019, Christmas Day.  I couldn't find a Christmas photo to post so I thought that I would post photos of the San Leandro Historical Railway Society's (SLHRS) Depot.  I took these photos a couple of days ago with my phone.  

These are unusual photos because the parking lot in front of the Depot was completely empty.  There are usually several cars parked in front.  This prevents us getting a clean photo of the Depot.

This Depot was built in 1898 by the Southern Pacific Railroad to serve San Leandro, California.  San Leandro is directly across San Francisco Bay from San Francisco and borders on Oakland, CA to the south.  The SLHRS purchased the Depot from the Southern Pacific in 1988 and moved it into San Leandro's Thrasher Park in December 1988.  The building was completely refurbished by the SLHRS between 1989 and 1991.  A John Armstrong designed Southern Pacific HO layout was built inside the Depot during the next 10 years.  The SLHRS started construction of the G&O garden railroad in the weed convered lot behind the Depot in 2008.  The SLHRS now has three model railroad displays - the original HO display and the G&O in the garden which consists of both G and 3 rail O gauges.

I wish everyone on the forum a wonderful holiday season and healthy and happy new year.   NH Joe


An empty parking lot in front of the Depot is very unusual.


This is a closer view of the Depot's left side.  This side of the building houses a small railroad museum with many artifacts.  As would be expected, most of the items are from the Southern Pacific railroad.

The SLHRS is in the process of replacing the front porch steps.  The bottom landing that was redwood has been replaced with concrete.  This is a 4,000 project.


This is a photo of the center and right side of the building.  The center of the building houses the HO display.  The right side houses the work shop and HO staging yard.


This is the right side as seen from Orchard Avenue.  San Leandro was an agricultural town until the 1930's and 1940's.  Most of the town's land was planted with fruit trees.  The main town fair is the Cherry Festival.  


This is the back of the building.  The children's display is directly behind the gate.  The yellow / gray building in the far distance is an unused Delmonte Foods warehouse.  The grey building on the right is a private home.  The 80 foot long wood fence between the Depot and the home is scheduled for replacement in 2020.  This is expected to cost $5,000.


Here is another view of the back of the Depot.  The G&O display can be seen inside the gate.


Here is a view of the working train order signal in front of the building.  The signal arms are connected to manual levers inside the Depot's office.  They can be moved using the levers.  Trains used to stop at San Leandro for orders.  The Delmonte Foods warehouse can be seen in the distance.


I hope that you have enjoyed this short tour of the SLHRS Depot.  Again - Happy Holidays to All.  NH Joe



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Years ago I was on a road trip to visit one of the areas where I grew up. Yakima Washington. Went to the Yakima Valley RR head quarters and there were two guys sitting around doing nothing. Got talking to them and they offered me a ride in their steeple cab. Loved it. Most of the line is gone now and when they would try to run their trolley found someone always stole the copper wire for the overhead. Now they run the trolley with a small generator car in tow. Sad. Don004009039035


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