What do I have here?????

Hi All. I purchased 3 of these a while back and never labeled them as to what their purpose is. I am hoping some of you gurus will steer me in the right direction. I have a feeling that they are AC to DC converters but I did not want to ruin anything trying them out. Maybe they could be used to hook up Miller signs to 14 volt AC????

I also am hurrying to complete one phase of my Shady Hollow layout by this weekend as I will be put on the shelf for several months. Hip replacement surgery is scheduled for Tuesday morning and that will restrict crawling around under the table. Here are a few short videos of what is done.



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Pretty sure those are stepdown AC to DC converters. There is a bridge rectifier, a good sized capacitor (to smooth the ripple), and an adjustable 317 regulator with a heat sink. The blue rectangular item will be an adjustable pot to set the regulated DC voltage.

You could certainly use that to power miller signs from an AC source. I would test it out by applying any AC voltage up to about 24 volts or so, and measure the DC output and set the pot to give you about 4.5 to 5 VDC. Have fun!


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