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I preordered these 3 grain box cars from Public Delivery Tracks.

My second time preordering I enjoyed the first.

Pre-order for Lionel O C&NW Grain box car with roof hatches, 3 rail
(Shipping Note: Yes)
Pre-order for Lionel O Monon Grain box car with roof hatches, 3 rail
(Shipping Note: Yes)

Pre-order for Lionel O Southern Grain box car with roof hatches, 3 rail



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@mowingman posted:

I have preordered NOTHING. All this stuff is getting too expensive. I am not saying it's not nice, but I am just not going to spend this kind of money. I will wait for sales and/or future online auctions. I don't see anything I can't live without right now.


Thanks but the question was what. If you ordered nothing you need not respond.

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I went a little nuts: I ordered the prototypical Acela with expansion, #69 Veranda, NKP work train expansion set, and 2 freight sounds boxcars. I also pre-ordered some custom runs from dealers.

I mostly collect NKP, but I “gotta have” locos/train sets that are either interesting to me in a historical or engineering standpoint or I had a family member work on.

My first time doing regular via-dealer pre-orders, hastened by...well, you'll know by looking:


--A pair of battleship gondolas

--5 Viewliners (baggage, crew-dorm, diner and two sleepers)

--an E60MA

2021 MTH Premier:

--Restoration Big Boy

2020 V2 MTH RailKing:

--Airslide hoppers (3) (now en-route)

2020 V2 MTH Premier:

--all-door boxcars (2)

--Corrugated autoracks (3)

--Flatcar with trash containers (2)

--5-unit Twin-Stack car

--Tank Car (Procor)

2020 V1 MTH Premier

--Plated passenger set (ATSF) 4-car, sleeper/diner pair, baggage/coach pair, RPO and full-vista

A big CHONK of change, but I charged up the slush fund to absorb most of the impact, aided by a lack of vacation travel in 2020. However, I don't see myself placing any more orders like this after 2021, since (a) I have almost everything I've ever wanted rolling-stock+motive-power wise, and (b) I'm playing train-box Tetris as it is.


Since the topic is "pre ordered" which doesn't limit the response to rolling stock, I've pre ordered two Department 56 buildings for my layout:  The Model Train Shop and the Woolworth Building.  The Model Train Shop has an animated train running around the second story.  The Woolworth Building is a New York City sky scraper.  I'll have to remove a couple of buildings from the layout to make room for the new.

I may have to revise my response to the "Impulse Buy" thread that surfaced a number of months back.  Rationale, I have a birthday coming up.

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For my first preorder ever:

2131480 2-10-10-2 with the blackened rods and wheels. This is also my first time buying this big of a locomotive brand new. It's exciting! It's a little rough having people constantly tell me I'll regret it but whatever. I believe this forum will be able to assist with any creative repairs. I don't believe these specific 2-10-10-2s ever rumbled through the region I'm modelling (Appalachia) but it'll still look awesome pulling tremendous coal drags!

2134120 Southern RS3. I bought a conventional RS3 as a kid. I cut a lot of grass and saved the whole summer for it! I also stripped out the gears by making it do burnouts (whoops). So I'm hoping to resurrect it as an unpowered unit  (add a smoke unit and some lights maybe) and put it in a lash-up with this one. Should be pretty cool for general freight hauling. I'm excited.

I will admit the waiting stinks but that's ok. It's still far enough away that I forget about it until these threads pop up haha I need to get track laid in the meantime anyway so it's all good!

@rattler21 posted:

What is the difference between pre-ordered and ordered? John

Some companies don't make everything cataloged unless there are preorders.  Generally when you preorder you put a small amount down to reserve the item. You may just choose to order from a dealer which I have done from my local hobby store. In the second instance the store owner is taking you at your word that you will not stick them for the order if and when it finally arrives.

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Not this year, but last year I preordered and prepaid our local Fred's Train Shop to get the preorder discount on the BN GP8 with LionChief from Lionel.  First stand-alone new engine I have purchased since I was 13!  Received it January 7th - it runs and sounds great!

$70 in 1980 for a single-motor soundless GP9 is basically the same relative money as $210 in 2021 for a dual-motor remote control with sound GP8.  Incredible increase in value for the dollar over time, in my 2-engine-over-40-year purchase experience!


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