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@Ray Marion posted:

I just purchased this MTH sleeper/diner set but believe they are in the wrong box. I can't find them on the MTH product locator. Does someone know the set Number?



Good one here.  No Google or MTH.  Even went to EBay and could not find anything.  I don't recall MTH putting a prroduct number on the item itself.  See it on the Big L, but not Mike's.  I recognize the look similar to a set I have for my Dreyfus.  About 4 years ago.

I think you either have custom lettered cars or cars that do not match the catalog description.

According to the MTH catalogs, they made sleepers in this scheme with the following names (I double checked the MTH website to confirm my list):
Niagara River
Queensboro Bridge
Imperial Sovereign
Port of Windsor
Port Chester
Pecos River
Monroe County

You have something very unique Ray!


Well, I can dismiss one possibility...

I had a duplicate car from the K-Line 20th Century aluminum sets.  I came across a complete set of Champ Decals, Blue Ribbon Series, BRO-34, New York Central 20th Century Streamlined Passenger cars.  So I selected one car name from that complete set and retained all the others.  NONE of them are Atlantic Shore or Rip Van Winkle Bridge.

Besides, they're silver/aluminum in coloration.  Your cars appear to be in white lettering.

I tend to think you've got something very special.  If you cannot tell that the car name lettering was applied by any secondary means...e.g. water slide, dry transfer...or has any slight difference in any clear coat patina from your 20-6616 set, I'd say it's your lucky day!!

It is interesting to consider, however, that in the Premier (20-) line of freight cars they have been generally released under the same stock number in pairs with each having a unique car number (usually identified on the label as such.)  But I can't recall any such paired release in the Premier passenger car lines.

Since most of the MTH personnel who might respond to this conundrum are still around, it might be worthwhile to repeat this inquiry in the MTH forum section....or ask/call/email Midge.

Another possibility...and I'm going far out on a limb here...comes from a search of recent Ebay auctions, wherein I found a 'sold' auction for this pair of cars having your car names under the 20-6616 stock number.  (Perhaps it was the auction you won?)  Perhaps you could inquire of the seller how they came into possession of these cars, whether they might obtain a confidential clue/answer to your question.  In this case, the particular seller is very, very well known, a huge purveyor of collections of this sort.  I would bet that their records might have an address, phone number, email address, etc. of the person consigning this item to them for sale.  Just a thought.

Keep us posted.  This is really a more contemporary 'Who Dunnit?' than most.


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@Norton posted:

That would date the cars from around 1999-2004. There is some overlap though. Prior to 1999 cars had sillohuettes, after 2004 cars had figures and sprung trucks.


Have a five digit 20-XXXXX Pennsylvania smoothside set that has interiors without figures and the smaller non scale sprung trucks from Dec. 2004.

IIRC all the cars with figures have diaphragms with striker plates and the new larger scale size sprung trucks, which required modification of the skirted car tooling to fit.

Cannot imagine MTH getting samples of a car just for lettering with the paint staying the same. Will be an interesting search for sure.

Bobby as I said there is overlap on the dates. I also have a car made in 2004 that has figures and sprung trucks and others from that same year that don’t. 1999 and 2004 there was overlap on the styles. Its a moot point anyway as searching the online catalogs during those years does not turn up cars with these names. Maybe special DAP cars? Who knows, but good for Ray as he has some rare cars.


@Ray Marion posted:


     No sprung trucks here. I also noted this car does not say New York Central.

ThanksRIP Truck

While we are gathering MTH car information, does anyone know if changing the tooling for separate metal steps occurred prior to the installation of non scale sprung trucks?


Has anyone ever seen a sleeper/diner combo in a special limited production set?


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After searching the MTH site on NYC, New York Central, and Pullman. No hits. Its possible these were cataloged with other car names but produced with these car names.

I know they did that with some 1940 era NYC smoothside coaches in Pacemaker green. Catalog listed them with numbers used on the cars made by ACF which most all MTH cars are based on but released with the number set used on the Pullman manufactured cars. There was one time MTH could have produced a car accurate to prototype but then blew it.


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