What kind of freight car would you like to see next from Menards?

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Scale sized so I can convert them to 2 rail.

They have some that are close but don't expect too much for the price you pay. 

Why would making them scale cost more??? If you are cutting new tooling the difference between a traditional size car and a scale car would be pennies.  If I were king of the world I'd find the old Rivarossi tooling for their 40 foot gondola or just clone it in China.  I buy these used and convert them to 3 rail....but still need a few more. Menard's could do some cool loads that would help them sell. 


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How about a scale size UP ARMN 64' Trinity Reefer. This photo below I took from Mentor Ohio recently.



Hey Tom I wonder if its the same train? This taken Naperville, Ill. heading East May 3rd. on BNSF.


Frank, no the train I saw in Mentor was from this past Thursday June 1st. It was from UP. But yes, though's cars are the same cars I saw but not on the same train.

I'm not sure if Menards came out with one, but I would like to see a CSX boxcar. I know they have a hopper and a flatcar, but not sure of a boxcar.

CSX Boxcar


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AMCDAVE, I have a couple of those gondolas and a few stock cars. I bought a few of them when Crown Models was in business. I believe it was back in the nineties when Crown and Peterson did a joint venture on these. They came ready to run for three rail. I especially liked the gondolas. The tooling may still be floating around.........Paul

First of all I want to say THANK YOU to Menards for the great releases so far- and no I am not kissing up... just thankful for what they have done for our hobby.

I am told that the Evans 5277 box car is the most common type used in North America. When searching for one to illustrate this post- I came across this livery that I feel is quite attractive and would appeal to many modelers. 


Evans 5277 Box Car

Of course there are many other liveries that would be colorful and popular- a search for 'Evans 5277 Boxcar' yields many ideas...including this RailBox 'graffiti' car. Perhaps not for all tastes but it might be an interesting addition to a modern consist.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 7.59.45 AM


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Larry Sr. posted:


That's a HO commemorative set . I do not have one just seen it on the e-net and thought it really looked cool


Hey there Larry, I think they are great looking, so much that I am about to do something I don't do that often!

MARK, Please, Please, Please with sugar on top make these UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS cars! Can you hear me Please! LOL

Ok Larry I tried! LOL


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I buy this car in CSX paint and put some different steal loads. I am told by fellow VRE train commuter these trains usually run Chinese steal to Metal distributes, he was an old Customs officer he should know.

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The Pullman-Standard 2600 Cubic Foot Capacity 2-bay covered hopper which is much taller than the older PS-2 2003 Cubic Foot Capacity 2-bay covered hopper. This has never been made in O scale. 

Here is an example in the Detroit & Mackinac scheme. 

dm6101 [1)

Other owners or operators of these covered hoppers included the Chicago & North Western, Detroit, Toledo & Ironton, Grand Trunk Western, B&O, C&O, CSX, Burlington Northern, and some other railroads.




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