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I would really like to see:


  • Lionel VISION Line Chesapeake & Ohio 2-6-6-6 H-8 Allegheny Class. Please include: everything the big boy has plus VISION Line coal cars with sounds.
  • Lionel VISION Line Erie 2-8-8-8-2 Triplex. Please include: everything the big boy has plus VISION Line coal cars with sounds.
  • Lionel Union Pacific F3 in ABBA configuration with Legacy
  • Anything Lionel and VISION Line and Steam and BIG!
Originally Posted by d tuuri:

I haven't seen one of these posts in a while so I will start one and see how it goes....

What loco(s) would you really like to see made in the future?

I would like to see a scale SD40-2 made by Atlas. 




Thank you for starting this subject.

I model modern CSX. I also think an SD40-2 would be nice in the CSX YN3B lettering/color scheme.

I'd even more like to see a GP40-2 in this same scheme.


Al Hummel

Originally Posted by nw2124:

The last time that I saw a PSC N&W 0-8-0 was on Ebay for $850. It did not sell so I bought it.  They do not bring much and are hard to sell. Stephen


PSC made the N&W 0-8-0 quite a few years ago and they become available from time to time.





Thanks for the lead. I didn't know about this locomotive. If for only the tender, it will be worth a look on eBay.



I'll see your Reading K-1 2-10-2 and raise you a Reading N-1 2-8-8-2, rebuilt as a simple 2-8-8-0. Same boiler. Lots pf plumbing on rebuilt locomotives


Baldwin 3-cylinder compound 4-10-2 No. 60000 in The Franklin Institute, Philadelphia


No. 17, the YORK, rolled out of [David] Kloke Locomotive Works, Elgin, IL, in May, 2013. The Reader Railroad in Arkansas built wooden passenger cars for her that summer. They run on the historic Northern Central Railway between New Freedom and Hanover Junction south of York, PA, under the auspices of Steam into History


 A life-size Lionel GENERAL set



Atlantic City Railroad No. 1027 pulled the fastest regularly scheduled passenger trains in the world in the 1890's. She would be the first Vauclain compound in 3-rail "0" Gauge. The Pennsylvania Railroad built 3 similar Camelback Atlantics to compete with her. Designated "E-1," they culminated in the renowned E-6 Atlantics. The sole survivor, No. 460, is "The Lindbergh Engine" in The Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania at Strasburg



East African Railways Beyer-Garratt Class 59



Images (4)
  • LEVIATHANNorthCen 009
  • YORKinSnow2
  • P&R1027
  • EARClass59

I'll see your Reading K-1 2-10-2 and raise you a Reading N-1 2-8-8-2

OK; I particularly like the K-1 and it was (IMO) a proper use for the mediocre N-1's boiler. As I recall, the K-1 was the biggest and baddest of all the 2-10-2 hogs.


Otherwise, the Beyer-Garret is just one butt-ugly loco. How could anyone want one, unless they were Brits or So.Africans. Oh, yeah: opinion.

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An SD40-2 would be at the top of my list, with the GP40-2 being second, and the early 90's SD70 series (70m, 75m, 70mac). GE B36 would be nice too!


I would like to see Atlas do the SD40-2 but I don't think the current vertical motor truck design would allow the trucks to be placed closer to the pilots without the motor shield interfering with the front of the cab. I recently experimented with trying to modify the frame on a Weaver SD40-2 to move the trucks to a more prototypical location or similar to the truck placement on my Overland SD40-2, but it couldn't be done with the current vertical truck design.


Atlas would have to use a horizontal motor drive or redesign their vertical motor truck to place them in a more accurate position under the frame, which would then allow use of scale fuel tanks.


The SD40-2 and GP20 are two designs with unique long front porches that would require horizontal drives or newly designed truck blocks if using a vertical motor setup to produce more accurate and better looking models than what's currently available.



I'd like to suggest the ML 4000 diesel hydraulic, the cab version from 1961;  four paint schemes are possible:

   a) DRGW

   b) SP

   c) DRGW patched as SP

   d) "SP"/ KM Semmering test unit


Considering some of the locos that have been produced by MTH, I'm surprised they haven't done this one.  It could be offered as a dummy unit as well as powered.


Given the number of SSPF's around, you'd think it would sell well.....


Just a thought.  SZ

Originally Posted by rex desilets:

I'll see your Reading K-1 2-10-2 and raise you a Reading N-1 2-8-8-2

OK; I particularly like the K-1 and it was (IMO) a proper use for the mediocre N-1's boiler. As I recall, the K-1 was the biggest and baddest of all the 2-10-2 hogs.


Rex and ReadingFan,

Glad to see Reading Steam getting some love.


The K1 or an N1 would be nice, but don't forget that we could really use an I10 or an M1.


Reading K1 2-10-2

Reading N1 2-8-8-0


Reading I10 2-8-0


Reading M1 2-8-2 


We could also use a nice Baldwin Baby faced freight unit for the CNJ side of life.




Originally Posted by p51:

I'm not into 3-rail at all, but that said, it someone made a good replica of SRR 630, I'd be awfully tempted to buy one.

That was the first engine I ever got a cab ride on, and my parents saw it running regularly in their home town in the 50s and 60s at ET&WNC 207:


WOW!!I rember whatching the news story by wbtv with my family.One time my grandmother called me to see this.She told me"I thought you want to see this."I told her she was right.I sometimes forget the etnc had narrow gauge and standard gauge.Thanks for posting this good memoies.

Originally Posted by Bob Delbridge:

I'd be all over this:



streamlined pacific 5

sal pacific 2

streamlined pacific 4


E class streamlined Pacific Draw


Of course I think Seaboard only had 3 streamlined Pacifics, but hey that's what I want!

They do look pretty nice and look like they could move fast.I have a mil streamlined hudson I think its the fastest steamer I have.Just think how the pacifics would look with high speed driverods.How many cars they pulled?

Anything without a Bellpaire firebox!!!!!!!!!!! How about some non-Pennsy steam locomotives by Brooks, Lima, ALCO, Porter and Stevenson.


I am reasonably sure that the those have built elevated railways would love to have a steamer like those that ran on the New York City Els.


And oh by the way, I would love to have this:


Connecticut Open Car 355


Images (1)
  • Connecticut Open Car 355
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And for SPF's a wish list would include:


PRR/LI 4-6-0 (different tenders):  No scale dimensioned G5's have been offered despite attempts by Max Gray, Weaver, Sunset and MTH.  (Discounting the crude by today's standards Saginaw)


PRR I1s, I1sa 2-10-0:  No one has offered an I1s (123 of them without the huge feed water heater on the left side).  I can think of at least 5 quite different I1/I1s post-war prototype "looks" that could be produced in brass on the same boiler/chassis by varying front end/boiler details tenders.  


PRR H8sc, H9s, H10s 2-8-0:  - Key beautifully did these in limited numbers 25 years ago.  If an H10s is to be offered please do it without a Lines West tender - they were generally gone in postwar era.


PRR D16sb 4-4-0:  Hasn't been done since Max Gray imported a few 50 years ago (perhaps the rarest PRR brass model)


PRR N2s/ USRA heavy 2-10-2: PRR’s 130 N2sa’s were rebuilt with Belpaire fireboxs.  A production run could share the mechanism and tender with standard USRA boiler versions lettered for Erie, CB&Q, C&S, and B&LE


Ed Rappe

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