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Running the 1984 LGB Marshall Fields Train Set. I think this was the only year. Regardless, this is where I met my wife so we break it out every few years. Hard to believe this set is already 36 years old.... seems just like yesterday we were scrapping together enough money to buy this set when we should have been spending our limited funds on something else.


Does a hybrid with classic parts fit this thread?....this is my take on the Pol-Ex .....what began as a nearly dead Railking Berk was rebuilt into the ultimate Christmas runner,.....sustaining 15-16 hours a day 7 days a week with out a break....the build consists of a Railking chassis, Railking boiler shell, but that’s where the stock components end, ....she sports ball bearing inserts all 8 wheels with stainless steel thrust washers, a 8000 series ball bearing equipped Pittman, and the gear lash was purposely set up to achieve the finest back drive, and postwar 736 drivers .....she’s built to do one job....make laps around the tree until I say it’s ok to stop ......we’re on hour 309 since she’s been built this past summer,....yes, it’s way overkill, but I was tired of the heaping mound of dead starter set locomotives that weren’t up to the grueling task I need the equipment to fancy electronics in here, a simple 59 cent rectifier does the conversion for us, ......only has to come in every 100 hours for a quick lube & cleaning....I plan on testing the limits of my mechanical abilities .....0461BA8A-3DF5-439B-8CF4-4BFA2E844401B3E4024A-7AD1-4C67-8D4B-AF2FF8E84739



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A69D41DA-6F09-41F4-B637-70E28D95A262Also running this. Interesting story here. I first got this loco on Christmas 1992 (I was ten at the time). I had it for five years and then one day it was inadvertently thrown in the trash! It was wrapped in bubble wrap and in a shopping bag after a trip to the train club we were with at the time (COL). Unfortunately, I left the bag by the door and out it went.

Recently I was browsing the auction site and found a NIB example and pulled the trigger.

Not sure what happened to the Prairie/Adriatic tooling. It’s been a long time since Lionel put one out (PWC Girls Train???). I’ve always enjoyed the postwar, MPC, and LTI versions.


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