For the under the table, search for full extension drawer slides.  Rockler, Big box home improvement stores, Woodworkers Express, etc.  Just need to make sure they have “catch” or detent  that holds them extended or else they will roll back in (like a keyboard tray).

Signalwoman posted:

i like that setup, i’ve been wanting to make something similar that would swing out from under my layout. right now, most of my repairs are done on my makeup table. 

Great idea, keep it.  My wife's make up table would be excellent for servicing equipment.   Lighting,  wrap around mirrors, seating, outlets, space, clean room, what more could one desire?


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The plan is to update the wall in back with new pegboard that will hold more tools. I also want to build a test track at the rear instead of the couple of straight pieces sitting on the bench now. For an engine cradle I have two pieces of foam packing from an old laptop. They hold my engines or cars perfectly.

2018-11-03 16.56.12

Here's the track plan

Work bench Track

Three Rails Are Better Than None 


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My current rail maintenance center with my latest project in my foam cradle- a bad armature on my trusty 2065 Lionel Steamer.  It ran great for 64 years and just recently died out on me.  Hope to have it up and running by the end of the week.  IMG_1626


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