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Hi All!

I have a question that I hope the Admin(s) will also input:

Which OGR forum would be the best for posting a "blog-type" thread that over time will deal with the evolution of my traditional size 3-rail collection, my layout plans for same, questions, musings, etc?

Photo Albums? Here in this forum? Or take it elsewhere (i.e. a different forum site?)

Don't want to cross any lines I'm not aware of or ruffle any feathers, so thought I'd ask first.

Thanks for any input.


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We have had several folks over the years post updates on their layout plans, etc.....generally this has been done on the traditional forum....  So...go ahead and use that category and as you make an update, you need to note that there is an update in your original post just like stated above.   Make sure that you stay on topic because any "musings" that take the discussion off topic will likely be deleted.  No "coffee cup" type threads that we see on other forums....

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