Who is going to the 2018 Chicago March Meet

Erik C Lindgren posted:

Rule, that’s car Sure is ...  NICE 

It's all handmade out of styrene.  I can't cut a board straight, let alone build something that nice. 

Those Altoona Model Works buildings made me want to start building structures.

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It was a great show, got some nice items at good prices as always!  Did catch a glimpse of Mike, but did not get the chance to say hi.....was busy heading off to the other side of the room.    Seems to go by quicker and quicker each year.   However, my feet and ankles are telling me otherwise.    They still ache from all the walking...LOL!

Jay C posted:

Hey Rich!  Guess what?  They have ice cream on the San Joaquin!   Hagen Daz, no less.  Thought you ought to know.


That just figures.  I hope you guys got home without any swimming involved.  The weather guessers were showing the main storm yesterday in your area.

I'm glad you double insulate your wheels.  I'm going to have to keep using my axles as the semi major diameter length is too long to narrow the side frames as I thought I might be able to.  With the double insulation the wheels seem to work OK with my axles.


hibar posted:

Missed that however still curious about the coming projects, their last website update it appears was last year and the big push appears to be for the "big boy" production. JMO

My understanding, as a reservation holder, is the CZ cars will be next and then the BB.....much to my disappointment. Like to see a BB produced that is on the level of the Cab Forwards. Remarkable model!!!!



Dave was not there.  Roger said he is in Korea working out the production details for the CZ with the builder.  Roger said this year's delay from last year's promised delivery this year is due to a back injury.

After over a decade I take everything they say with a large grain of salt nowadays.

SANTIAGOP23 posted:

Thanks, guys. I'm insistent  because I need to figure out a flight to the states to pick up items this year. I wanna bring these cars myself, no international shipping. Thanks again.

Don't blame you for that! It's bad enough shipping stuff within the States! Cost and possible damage are BIG factors.


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