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I posted some pictures of the redone RPO/REA car last week and now I have completed the observation to go with it. I've got one more car to go and then I will probably never do another AF Passenger car! There are a lot of parts and they are riveted together. To disassemble i've drilled out the rivets and for reassembly used a combination of screws and 1/8 inch pop rivets. They both look good but Lionel cars are easier to work with. DSCN6747DSCN6748DSCN6749DSCN6750DSCN6751

After I finish the last car I'll need one more thing to make a finished train, I need and AF box car to repaint as either a Dairy car or as an REA express car.   Does anyone have an American Flyer Wide Gauge box car they'd like to sell? I don't want a collectors piece as I do want to repaint it. If anyone has one please let me know, thanks. 


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I feel your pain Pete. I bought a lot deal a few years back and there were some AF wide gauge passenger cars that were started but not finished.  I found out why! Biggest PITA restoration I had ever done! Like you said everything was riveted together! I like American Flyer standard gauge but I would only buy newer stuff now. 

I have had some success working on these by drilling out the rivets with a 1/8 drill and using 1/8 pop rivets for reassembly.  The pop rivets make the reassembly quick and solid and are hidden from view. Of course that sill leaves a million tiny brass parts to polish and reassemble ( one at a time).   I still doubt I'll do any more Flyer passenger cars in the future. 

Just a note for anyone doing repaints I usually use Easy Off oven cleaner to strip the paint but for some reason everyone is out of it. I happened to be in Menards and saw a can of ZEP oven cleaner so I bought it. I doubt I'll ever go back to Easy Off.  The ZEP oven cleaner ( in thr Blue and Yellow can) was taking the paint off as fast as I could spray it on. 

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