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I installed the WiFi 2 weeks ago, after coaching here on the forum all updates were downloaded & good to go.  I have about 400' of track to include sidings. I have one TIU connected to a Z400. This runs both fixed ports on the TIU. The TIU and WiFi are powered seperatly. I run only MTH Premier Locos, 8 Steam & 2 F unit Diesels. 4 PS3 units, the rest are PS2 - a couple of those being upgrades from PS1.

I operate the WiFi in MTH mode. Each time I conduct an operating session, I must start up each PS3 loco and turn off the playable whistle feature or the whistle will not operate at all for these Locos. I can then go back to each affected Loco and turn the playable option back on, after this is done they operate perfectly.

Has this occurred to anyone else?



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This issue is known and we have some ideas on how to deal with it.  

First, let me try to explain what is going on here.  Simply stated, the engine and app get out of sync.  The playable whistle setting is not perpetual in the engine.  So, each time the engine is shut down and restarted, the whistle defaults back to standard.  The app is still set to playable and so, sends playable commands.  The whistle in the engine doesn't work since the engine is in standard whistle mode and just ignores the playable commands.  Clear as mud, right?

Ideally, we would have the playable feature perpetuate in the engine.  That ship has sailed.  It was done this way since the thumbwheel on the remote is multi-purposed.  The remote has to be toggled in and out of playable mode.  Thus, the engine is toggled as well.

So, there are a couple of steps we plan to take to clean this behavior up a bit.  First, the playable whistle setting will be perpetual in the app.  Next, if the app is set to playable whistle, pressing start up will result in setting the engine to playable mode.  The result will be as if the engine is constantly in playable mode. 

As a further enhancement, we are looking at ways to both activate and indicate playable whistle mode on the main control screen.  For example, maybe double tapping the whistle pull would toggle playable/standard whistle.  Also, we could change the color of the "wood" so its obvious when the app is set to playable mode.

One of the many great things about technology is that generally, ongoing incremental improvements can be made.  Hang around, Wi-Fi DCS is only going to get better.  We've begun working on the premium version of the app in earnest only recently.  Our developer was busy on other projects.  We are designing the preliminary implementation now and let me just say two words.  Very.  Cool.  Stay tuned.

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