I would think it would be fine - they would weigh less than the powered versions as they don't have the electronics or motors. Just oil the center rail pickups as that is where most of the drag will come from.

The other advantage is that if you have a dummy and eventually want to power it, you can order from Williams power upgrade kits which are easy to install. They also make it easy to add TMCC using the Electric RR Cruise Commander. I have done this with a GP38 dummy I changed to TMCC to run with another GP38 I upgraded previously.
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Quick question.

Would a powered Willaims diesel make a good dummy or would it be too heavy? For some reason I'm having trouble finding true dummy engines made by Williams.

My MTH dummy is diecast. Can't get much heavier than that.

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I think if you remove the motors there will be no way to hold the trucks in place. Dummys have a special piece for that. Why not just let the engine pull with the front one? You would need to reverse a couple wires so it starts in reverse if facing that way.

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Would it be just as easy to remove the gear from the motor so the wheels are free?

No - the gears are press fitted on the motor shaft, so this is very difficult to do. It is really easy to take the collar off the motor and use it to hold the truck on. In fact, this is how the Williams Dummy is put together by default.
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