Looking for a fuel tank.  Would love to get an exact fit, Weaver U25B, however would be willing to consider other manufacturers of this or similar type diesel.  I would even consider other diesel types.  I know, sacrilegious to the rivet counters, sorry. Beggars can't be choosers.




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The 1st picture shows a tank made with styrene plastic and air tanks from Altas O.  The 2nd picture shows a Lionel Geep fuel tank cut in half and styrene added to make it as wide as the Lionel Geep frame. 100_2237

3rd picture shows a tank made from a rain gutter down spout,


Used the gutter spout and cut it up to get the rounded corners of the fuel tank. The air tanks are wood dowel rod.

The 4th tank is made from styrene .

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