York Haul aka What did you get

As always had a good time and caught up with some friends

From my shopping

1. 22 Gauge wire and lots of interior details for several buildings I am assembling for my home layout

2. Several Ross Switches for an expansion to my layout

3. Cork Road bed

4. A few Die cast vehicles

5. Scenery items

6. Engineer and firemen figures to adorn a few of my Steam engines

7. Met Up with Ben Fioriello who delivered a few Repair and upgrades that Vinnie had completed

8. one  BCR

In 25 years first York without picking up a single train item, stayed focused on my layout expansion

Hope you all had a good time as well, so what did you get.

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1st time in 26 years of attending York that I had to stay at home. Suffering from the effects of shingles, Turning the corner now getting better. Had a club member get me a premier UP caboose from someone I know there. That's it. Will have plenty of added cash for April, hotel reservation made already.

I know Mike Wolf was looking for me to harass me about my Jets losing to his Dolphins( payback time is coming when the Jets play in Miami and Mike can witness how better the team is now from their week 2 game!

Ted Bertiger

Ocean County Society of Model Railroaders Lakewood, N.J.



I made the trip Friday ... I think this was my 4th time attending


BCR batteries from J&W

Glass display case

3 Ives passenger cars

Mega Steam (coal fire steamer) and dropper

AIU and ETD from Just Trains

and a MTHRRC 263 Tinplate Loco autographed by Mike Wolf  










Great Northern out of Cheyenne
From sea to shining sea

I found a jewel for my railroad  3rd rail brass chlorine tank car for my local livery plus lots of scenery material,an engine,two trolleys two Miller signs mth parts but the best piece was this car been waiting 10 years to find !And it was great to see all of my OGR family! Now I just have to find the Tuscan version!




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A great York!

TrainWorx New Haven Pagoda Switch Tower.

LionChief 0-4-0 Smoke and synchronized chief don't work out of the box (will have to call Chas Ro this week)

MTH Reindeer Crossing boxcar

RK MTH Christmas caboose

K-Line Conrail die cast gondola with load

Marx catalog disc from Bob Osterhaus

Lots of part for Plasticville buildings  and a prewar AF O gauge tender

MTH AF accessories: log loader and sawmill (my made-in-Mexico Lionel AF sawmill and oil drum loader are at the end of their road (they keep breaking down)

Ordered a HapHazard packing from Dennis Brennen

....and just had a blast visiting with everyone

AND.......My Niagara comes Monday!



Very little, which was more found than some recent shows lately. Did find two pairs of Walthers archbar trucks, always glad to find anybody's archbars with no zincpest.  Just clamps, as tools, for structure building. The great thing was what l saw, and drooled over. Bachmann had their two truck Heisler l want in three rail, but l think people are converting these to On3. (which l have considered and rejected for logging branch).  The G scale Mack railbus was still running in the dealer hall.  AND somebody had what looked like a partial kit (maybe it came with trucks removed and was complete and not a kit) for a real brass O scale model of a Little River 2-4-4-2!!  It was priced at what Sunset could probably deliver a three rail version for..so l very reluctantly walked on. And l saw for the first time at York the Lionel C&O F-19 with all the trimmings and that tender l want three of.  If that had been the Mikado made.... l would have glommed it.  With all the reruns, (l THINK the F-19 and Mikado used same boiler..) maybe Lionel could rerun the shell and stick eight drivers under it?  Saw a lot of Marx 3/16 and deluxe plastic, which has been a scarce at previous Yorks l have attended recently.  Oh, found out that Atlas has made billboard reefers of interest to me, l was unaware of...#90, in neither roadname, was not there...at least not in O..and more..very interesting York.

??Another one of THOSE!!??  What you want to sell is not what I want to buy!

My first time, and I needed a lot MORE time.  Found about half of what I was looking for.  

2 Miller signs

An LED welding simulator

A weathered Atlas Boxcar-  (the main value will be teaching me how to weather better).

A 16" Lionel extruded aluminum REA/Baggage car

A Lionel PRR Whistle tender

4 more Glenn Snyder shelves

A Lionel/American Flyer yard light unit

2 sets of Lionel coil covers for Gondola cars I don't have (yet)

1 postwar Sunoco tank car- great price, looks almost perfect but needs a coupler for one end

Some blue and pink  Engineer caps to give away to kids who visit the layout.


I enjoyed the trip and show, as well as meeting Mike Wolf, Mike Reagan, Dennis Zander, plus Alan Arnold, and Ed Boyle of OGR.




They say "Slowing Down" will add years to your life.  I should live forever- I am a sailor.

Megasteam Smoke

K-line 19th Century coal hopper

50 Light Bulbs

3 Railking Overton's Cars for $60.00 (Joshua)

Small Tinplate Power Station for museum club $90.00

Tinplate Station for museum club $50.00

Bunch of Trees from Woodland Scenics for museum club

Scott Smith


Some more great friendships for starters.

IMG_20181020_184755581[1]Three great models custom built by Dave Rogers, very nice guy I met while wandering around in the Silver Hall.IMG_20181020_185532892[1]I managed to take the plunge and finally get some nice automobiles based around what time period I eventually want to model in, late 1940's(maybe 1949). I picked them up from two different set of people, I especially like the Ford F1 and the corresponding GMC. My grandfather had an old Ford at some point in his lifetime, and it is pretty well possible he had many variations of the F series of truck. My late uncle actually sold someone the old GMC that used to be sitting and rusting a bit back in the mid 1990's along with I think it was an old Chevy. So, both sort of pay tribute to those two. I had to get a milk truck since I have all these milk cans that will need to get delivered one way or another. The gas truck I really thought was an excellent model as well as the dump truck. These were at opposite ends of the Orange Hall and is actually the reason why I bought all the other automobiles along with them. Everyone needs a nice convertible, and black is always a great color. IMG_20181020_185736489[1]This little gem here(sure I call it that) is a Southern Stock car so I can haul some animals about when the new Lionel Southern engines come in. I was sort of talking it up quite a bit over at the Henning's booth for the better part of my wanderings in the Orange Hall.IMG_20181020_185934610[1]This is something that I have actually been pursing for the better part of two years I think. The N&W auxiliary tender Lionel made somewhere after they made the 2200 Y6B all that while ago. I was definitely not going to pay $400+ back a while ago plus shipping and handling, and I got it as my first train purchase Friday morning for $200.00. All of my other money at that point had been spent on food. It really is bad when you spend money you brought for trains on food and you just can't seem to find what you want until Friday.

I did also buy 2 Miller Engineering signs(my first purchase from them), NYC & PRR signs, they were actually out of the PRR and will send that along on Monday. The only other thing that I bought was a Z-Stuff Upper Quadrant sign(which I had no idea there was two different ones, I need to pay more attention to signage) which is also my first sign. Last October I stood there listening to everything the man had to say, but I didn't buy(shame on me). I will have to think more about signs in the near future since a railroad really can't run without some signs to provide safety(I sound like a commercial in one of those old Railroad videos).

One of the best things was as always, the great feel you get when you are talking to someone. Friday I parked my butt outside the Red Hall I think it was, and two older fellows struck up a conversation with me. This wasn't only because we had all wanted to take a breather as it were, but also just to really shoot the breeze. Even with me being a much younger person than the two of them(perhaps by 20 years), we still could relate on things beside trains.

My sister most recently said, "You like to talk.", which I did tell her was true but wasn't always. Before I was 5 my mother had said I barely said a word. I think one of the great benefits other than me liking to talk, is my liking to listen as well.

On a last note, there is always the one that got away. This one did not get away in that it disappeared on me, it was just that I sort of didn't have enough of the green stuff left, which is okay. Is it any surprise that it is a Hudson, I think not. I sure made an effort with Ryan Kunkle yet again to stress about how some of us crazy railroad guys would love to see these Hudson's come back in the Lionel line as scale, true to detail(or as close as possible, I wish Dave Olson was here this time around, lol). I did also suggest the Royal Hudson's from those great Canadian Railways, and I myself think that it would be a great move for Lionel to do those(as long as they get them right).IMG_20181020_104217137[1]

I think I will get off the old soapbox now, I wouldn't want to fall into a bunch of empty milk cans. Enjoy my fellow Railroaders.


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eddie g posted:

Chris, Is that an original set or a restored set?

If you mean mine, it appears to be original - seller assured me it was, and have very little run time. The loco and observation car do show some marks from storage, especially the roof of the observation car.

I’ll try my hand at bringing the engine up to snuff. I only have only one other pre-war set, but I love the looks of them, so I am leaning towards adding more. Hope to learn as I go. Got a good train guy at Alloway Trains n’ Things, in case I need help.

Chris R.

Hammonton, NJ

Had a great time and had a great dinner Friday night at Cheddars with the likes of Peter, Erol, Brian T, Mike M, craignor, Scott smith and Joshua. We had a great time eating, talking and laughing.

Being at York on just Friday meeting and talking to friends was great but I also picked up the MTH wifi, and a MTH ES44ac in the next fuel scheme, ( one slight problem it won't add to my remote), picked up some catalogs, talked till I was horse.


I was selling this meet again, but with the light crowd on Saturday I did get to the Orange and White halls to pick up two screws, a DCRU from Dallee and a pair of diecast archbar trucks. 

"You have to grow old. You don't have to grow up". Ray Bradbury

Had a table this meet, so didn't get to wander the halls that much, but picked up the following:

1) From the TCA Museum deaccession (sp?) tent on Wed, got a Lionel handcar (MPC era) and a spare TCA F3 B unit shell

2) Not shopped for at York, but picked up (or more correctly, was delivered to my table - Thanks, Chris!) an M10000 Overland Trail Add-on car from Century Club II

3) An MTH York Boxcar

4) The new McComas DVD that includes Norm C's layout

5) A spare receiver for remote controlling the voltage on a Z4000 (White hall)

6) A Lionel MPC era Rico Station kit  (Purple hall)

7) the last copy on the table of the CTT Christmas Trains special issue on Saturday (why I forgot to stop to buy that on Thursday or Friday evening, I can't recall )

A light York haul (though I did pick up a number of pre-ordered items from my dealer - I don't consider those "York" purchases).  Also was light for my sales, but such is life (also didn't bring much with me to sell - was more trying to get rid of things I had brought before with lower prices).  I sold enough to pay for my table/admission at least!


Sold more then I bought which is great. Was chasing a couple of engines but didn't work out. I'm happy with six pieces of rolling stock, some wide radius curve, end caps for Snyder shelving, signs to fill the wall and cool little building. And, although not pictured, a Lionel beer glass that a kind fellow provided in trade.

Smile Happy, Garrett Member of TCA, NCT, NCTR


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I wasn't planning on getting any of this, except for the Miller signs.  I was tricked and victimized into acquiring the items I list.

MTH Premier Norfolk Southern ES44 Heritage unit "Norfolk and Southern" - The only item I can justify.  I only buy the heritage units I actually see while rail fanning (still need to locate three more I don't have yet).  I saw this one the day before at Harrisburg Yard.

Miller Engineering "Sunbeam Bread", "Colgate Clock", "York Peppermint Pattie" and "Swirling Ice Cream Cone".

Everything below are items that I wasn't planning on but the "York Meet Vortex of Fantasy" , along with some devilish dealers forced me to acquire them.

Unbeknownst to me, this Meet would fill out my Union Pacific diesel roster:                                                                                                              2 MTH Premier ES44DC (Two different cab #'s, including the one painted for the 5,000th unit made)                                                                  MTH Premier Dash 9                                                                                                                                                                                                       MTH Premier SD60M

Lionel ABBA Reading F3 (Powered B unit & B unit with SuperBass) - For my lonely K-Line aluminum passenger set

MTH RailKing Red Flat Car w/Lighted Christmas Trees                                                                                                                                          MTH RailKing Green Flat Car w/Lighted Christmas Trees                                                                                                                                               MTH RailKing Blue Flat Car w/Lighted Christmas Trees                                                                                                                                               MTH RailKing White Flat Car w/Lighted Christmas Trees

MTH Premier PPG TOFC (Trailer on Flat Car) - Won this car at the DCS Meeting on Wednesday night.  It was a convention car available for the TCA Convention in Pittsburgh last year that I attended but didn't order the car in time.

UPS should be delivering them all tomorrow.

That's not an insult, it's just a fact of life!


President, Chief Executive Officer

Penn American Railroad

"Serving the Basement"


Northern Central High Railers (Western Division)


Eat, Sleep, Run Trains, Repeat !

My train must buy list is getting really short, so my plan this York was to go and enjoy myself, and maybe buy a few more cars for my express train.  As a result, I bought a few layout items (manual throws, trees) and only two cars.

My first buy was a Weaver 50' UP Double Door Express Boxcar.  I wasn't originally going to get it, but a quick web search showed the two-tone gray paint scheme was in effect from '46 to '52, perfect for my late 40s era.

WVR UP 50' Express

The other car I bought was the new MTH EV caboose in MKT bicentennial colors.  Needed this one to go with my MTH GP-40 from many years ago.

MKT Caboose Bicentennial [2)

While not a York purchase, I did pick up my 3rd Rail PRR H6sb from forum member Alex_M.  Alex did an outstanding job of cramming all of ERR's and Gunrunnerjohn's electronics into this tiny engine.  I plan to do a separate topic on it soon.  (Note: that is a Weaver H10 behind it.)

H6 vs H10 [5)





Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!  Author Sherry Anderson


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