York Show Smaller AGAIN

I didn't make a York meet last year, but I did get there last week.  Plenty of S stuff and it seemed to me the prices were pretty constant from the last time I went.  More layouts were running.

However, there were fewer sellers at the off site shows especially at the former Hollidome.  Then many empty tables at the Fairgrounds.  It is quite a shame that the show is shrinking. 

Probably the main cause is the toy train generation of the 50's is passing away.  Opps that's me!!! 

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Personally, I think those of us that are looking for S gauge trains and stuff have a VERY wide choice at York (and other shows like Allentown) compared to the % we make up of the entire market. I know O folks have remarked at the number of S dealers at shows, and at the quality of offerings. Yes, the prices of "like new" items are high, but there is less of it than vintage Lionel. Although I am primarily into O, all the purchases I made at the two 2018 Yorks were for Flyer postwar passenger cars (adding up to almost $500.).

Yeah, I noticed the pre shows were smaller and the Orange Hall definitely had fewer vendors. That said the number of Flyer items has definitely increased!  I am seeing far more early post war Flyer items from the late 40's than ever before. Also a lot of Flyer by Lionel is showing up at really great prices. I am buying new in the box Lionel Flyer cars for $20 each 6 for $100. and I picked up a new Lionel Flyer Union Pacific "Pony Express" Passenger Train for only $275.00.  Great buys are to be had!

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