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I have a MTH Z4000 that started to malfunction. The left side throttle when moved from off to increase power causes the red light to come on. No power output on left side. Right side works fine and as long as left side is left off, transformer works with right side output as normal. Can some of you that have worked on these please advise.          thanks Mel

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Well since it has been 3 hours since post I'll try.  Make sure you are fully turning off right side, and also make sure you don't have a short on left side. Maybe switch wires from right side to left and see what happens?



It is not a wiring problem. Trans does it even if not connected to anything. This Z4000 is one of 4 used to power my public display layout. We were using one side of  each of 3 Z4000  to power one loop each. The one with the problem we were using two of the variable outputs to run two separate accessory loops to the layout. When the left side went out after operating this way for a month, I moved that  loop to the other side of one of the other Z4000 to finish the show. worked fine for 3 weeks. 

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