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OK I know I am way behind the power curve and most of you have already put away and taken down these Christmas layouts. Sorry,  but this experience was really unique and fun.  While packing away various Christmas presents and so forth from the Holiday season, I happened upon (sealed in a plastic bag) this relic from many Christmas' past.  It was the early post war 40's and Japan / Europe was recovering from the effects of the war.  Japan in an attempt to get its economy moving decided to create an industry for "paste board" products that could be made without any industrial infrastructure.  These products were exported in mass to the US where we used them for all sorts of things, but often when they were in the form of model / decorative structures, around the Christmas tree.  So here is the 1940's vintage Christmas Village house I found.

There are no markings about the manufacturer on this except on the bottom is a stamp "Made in Japan" and in pencil, a price 10 cents!

Christmas House frontChristmas House side

I thought this was neat, then I happened upon a picture of our Christmas tree layout in 1946 and to my utter amazement found a surprise.  There is the house, or at least a similar one!! So not only is this fellow a relic, but he just might be MY RELIC!

Inked1946 Layout_LI

Well best wishes to all.  Belated Holiday Cheer if I missed you earlier.



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  • Christmas House front
  • Christmas House side
  • Inked1946 Layout_LI

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