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For those who were hoping for some new tooling or other items that have not appeared since Lionel took over, one thing to consider is next year is American Flyer S gauge 75th Anniversary.  If I was Lionel I would be planning new tooling and possible re-issues to celebrate that event just like they are doing for O this year.  I'm not saying that I know they will but I would bet they are aware of the 75th significance and it would be a good time to introduce some new items.


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Roundhouse Bill posted:

I agree on remaking some more engines that Gilbert Flyer made. (Hudson, K5, 0-8-0, and Atlantic)  A engine Gilbert never made, like an Allegheny, wouldn't seem appropriate. 

There is marketing value in "proposed at the Gilbert Hall of Science, but never made."  It could be considered as expanding on the Gilbert tradition.

I recall the Gilbert's feasibility sample still exists.  Granted, it's not much more than a wood dowel on two Hudson mechanisms, but imagine if ACG actually made it.

AmFlyer posted:

They should do a Hudson. For certain a detailed Legacy version followed by a FlyerChief version.

I think we're already experiencing the minor marketing disaster that is offering two versions of the same locomotive.


ns1001 posted:

Any body remember when Lionel/AF offered in a pre-catalogue - maybe 1988 or so the return of the NYC J3A but is was replaced in the real catalogue by PA1s. Always wondered what kind of drive mechanism it was going to have. The road name offered the first year was going to be Wabash. 

The Wabash was for the "Historic American Railroads" set and Santa Fe for separate sale.

Most likely it was going to have the traditional Gilbert drive, probably with a can motor.  Almost all of the old Gilbert tooling needed to be reworked, which was one of the reasons the project died.  The approximate $500 price tag was the other and more or less the main reason.  VG-E Flyer Hudson's could be had for about $125 back then.

Offering the Hudson in New York Central wouldn't have saved the project


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My all time favorite AF was the NYC J3A Hudson followed by the PRR K5 pacific which my father bought from a Firestone tire store in the early 50's with SIT. Bought the Lionel AF FEF-1 with smoke lifters after they had removed the choo-choo sound - great loco but sound is not loud enough. Gave up on a revival of the AF J3A so bought the Legacy O gauge J3a with the as delivered tender which goes around O-36 track fine. Why did the last version of the AF J3A have a plastic tender?

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