C70E1805-4CCD-4CC5-AED9-9B298F1E1A13E22B58F0-3E84-4844-9210-BDD9CCD787C50E2BE269-DF1D-4DB3-A70E-D1D1E8E5344A43B0EEB6-B7E4-49CB-98BC-2B506AD9FF74E7A9F243-F389-4024-BA66-2EF19EB7D7CE38B7BF27-C8BD-4573-A695-D1726FFABF4590A429B9-5834-4278-8068-0EBD788F5BE0 I have had this on my to do list for a while now.

  Many O scale models of recent production have had less than accurate colours applied to them. Some errors are tolerable to most and some are not. 

  I fall into the later catagory unfortunately and have finally got around to adding a few touch ups to these awesome models.

  I have recently finished a similar project on a pair of MTH FM C-Liners which had a favourable outcome

   I wanted to replace the stock metal pilot with a better looking P&D plastic pilot so started looking ways to install.

   I decided to cut and remove the anti-climber which was molded onto the nose.

  This would allow me to utilize the complete new P&D pilot assembly 

    The other task was to mask and repaint the grey to a more accurate representation

  Here are some pics of the before and after 

Kadees next!




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Original Post

Here are a few pics of installing the rear coupler on the A unit

 I  don't know if theres a better way of doing this but I decided to just do it

  I used the existing coupler adapter but shimmed it with 3/8” styrene spacer

Also drilled 2 new holes for the 2 2/56 x1/2” machine screws to afix to the chassis

 A modified Kadee # 805 was installed for closer coupling

  Here are some pics of the work so far



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I have two 3RD Rail C&O FP7's and the huge spacing between the two units using the dummy lobster claw couplers that come with the engines was hideous. I bought two of 3RD Rail's 2 rail kadee mounting brackets from Scott, turned them 180 degrees from how they would normally be mounted, and added short box Kadee 806's.

IMG_4376 [2)

This really narrowed the gap between the units and was very simple to do.


Also, as received everything below the carbody was painted black and should have been C&O blue. The font that 3RD rail used for the script Chesapeake and Ohio is best described as squished and slanted too much as well as the engine number on the 8002 was in a different place than on the 8013. Repainted the lower parts of the engines blue and removed the road name and number lettering carefully with lacquer thinner. Re-lettered with old Champ decals, masked all the clear parts off and put a new coat of clear on the engines. Looks a lot better.








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 RDJ92807     The diesel grey colour has been discussed in previous past threads and yes it seemed to be a goof up but regardless, these are still excellent representation of these CPR early diesels

  I too would like to see a re-issue of these Diesels but first, I would like to see Scott re-issue the “Canadian” Budd car set Again!

 Ron    Yup neat for sure. Its a lot of fun and I enjoy modifying models more than doin scenery on the layout as of of late 


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