3rd Rail PRR Brill Doodlebug

I got this finished up tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to find it had ERR Cruise and an early version of their sound board. Someday I may swap them out for something better if it comes along. I have it hauling a baggage car around like I’ve seen in photos.

I built up the Kadee adapters/false frame out of styrene.

Heres a YouTube: https://youtu.be/KBZDMe-lW5U

And some bench and layout shots:




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sinclair posted:

Nicely done.  Any idea what sound set is in that?  Doesn't quite sound like the gas engine.  Was it custom for 3rd Rail?

Norm's 3rd Rail Brill 660 #4666 was delivered in 1930 with a gas Brill-WH 660 415hp engine.  In 1942 it was dieselized with a Hamilton 425hp engine.  In Norm's video it sounds like the diesel engine.





Volunteers don't get paid, not because they are worthless, but because they are priceless!  Author Sherry Anderson

The PRR dieselized their gas electric doodlebugs following a wreck in which  43 of 46 people riding doodlebug 4648 died in a gasoline fueled fire.  For more on the incident see  PRR Doodlebug wreck

Nice job Norm - I need to weather my 2 rail model - just doesn't look right in my 1950's era looking pristine.   Masking all those individual windows must have been a P.I.T.A. Do you have any tips to speed the job that you are willing to share 

Ed Rappe           PRRT&HS 421

Aw man that doodlebug disaster was gnarly! 

Thx Ed, I just masked it off with blue tape. I cut strips with a straightedge to match the height of the windows, laid them in and trimmed the other edge with an X Acto. Notice I didn't do a perfect job. A couple PBRs seemed to help speed things up a bit.

Weathering was a light coat of MM flat clear acrylic, followed by an acrylic black wash. I then puffed a bit of Grimy Black onto it with a bit of RR Tie Brown on the running gear and some Rust on the couplers. It is sitting here with flat clear/wash treatment in this pic:



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