Deanna @ 4014 Claremore stop 11-16-19IMG_6626 4014 consist 11-16-19IMG_6628 4014 consist 11-16-19IMG_6629 4014 consist 11-16-19IMG_6630 4014 consist 11-16-19IMG_6631 4014 consist 11-16-19 Claremore, OklaIMG_6634 4014 consist 11-16-19IMG_6636 [2) 4014 consist 11-16-19IMG_6638 4014 consist 11-16-19IMG_6639 4014 consist 11-16-19IMG_6640 [2) 4014 consist obs. 11-16-19IMG_6641The stop in Claremore was on the Florence St. crossing, not far from the police station.  Many were waiting on the St. Fe. line that parallels Rt.66, but she came in on the old Mo Pac line that runs along Rt.88, after going to Ft. Gibson.

Yes, Tom, it was a good day for the 4014 and those who saw her.  The weather was great, but it was a bit too big a crowd for me, could get any clear pics without heads and hands holding smart phones in the way. Oh well...… such is the price of fame!  Deanna enjoyed herself and we later ate a fine Mexican restaurant, then to the Big Blue Whale before heading back to OKC area.

Jesse  TCA


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Wanted to post and show pics of all the cars in the consist, along with what was posted Saturday.  This, along with detail shots of the 4014, hope may be of use to some who model cars and want to see details up close.  I have a few of same cars she pulled, 18in, need to see about making the drumhead.  But first things first...    Have many irons in the fire now, really need to complete the 14in naval Railway Gun I am building before end of the year.  Would post videos I took but they are all too long for posting.  

Jesse   TCA   12-68275


CDFAA1C8-58CA-434A-9097-D126F018B0055821FAB3-756B-4E93-9E49-6EFA54356583D499A5F9-A112-4458-A67F-8CA73EC54683Chased it from Inola to Claremore, got in place about 45 mins before it passed. I was glad there were so many people as I was able to get ahead of it again thru Claremore. Amazing! My wife took the pictures with her camera and I took the video with my phone. (Excuse the pan up as I was just in aw and looked away from the phone screen)

-Andrew Lawrence 


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Andrew,  Glad you were able to get some clear shots of 4014 in motion!  We considered trying to do a chase but had concerns of missing the 30 min stop in Claremore.  Besides, my wife was having to do the driving, and she doesn't like doing the speed limit...…..   Was thinking of going on North to Nowata for the stop there, but just wasn't a likely event to take place.  Hope the fellows in KC got some great pics and videos of her.  Thanks for sharing what you have, sir!!

Jesse    TCA   12-68275 

Very nice pictures, when it was here in El Paso, you couldn't get on the fireman's side of the train.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get any good pics of that side.  The only way I got to see the left side was to look over a chainlink fence.  Great pictures and videos, thanks for sharing.



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