4014 Is All Ready to Go!

EL took good care of their E8s.  They were in way better condition than PC and NYC E units that came into Conrail!

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I just deleted an argumentative post about the status of the Union Pacific Big Boy #4014. That is NOT why I started this thread, so don't go down that road with any more posts like that.

I discovered this slide totally by a random choice out of a box of slides I picked to test with my new Epson 35mm slide scanner. When I previewed the image and could read the locomotive's number, it struck a chord and I figured I would have a little fun with it.

That's all there is to this! There is no hidden motive or agenda in play in posting this. Just have fun with it.

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Conrail 4014

Cleveland, Ohio, January 14, 1977. Last run for engineer J. P. Selfarth. You can see a little tribute written in the dirt just behind the steps.

Ektachrome 35mm slide scanned with an Epson V850 Pro.

Thanks for giving half of us a heart attack!!! LOL


You Got me on this one!! I loved it.  Don't pay any attention to the meatheads that have nothing else better to do than stir up trouble -- knowing full well that this was a prank and had nothing to do with the UP 4014.  Keep up the good work. 
This is a GREAT FORUM.


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You do have to wonder when UP gets the steam-powered 4014 onto the rails, some people simply won’t believe it due to how implausible overall the idea sounds.

Heck, I know several train fans who thought the entire thing was an elaborate prank right up to the point when UP in their official communications confirmed they were indeed going to restore a Big Boy to operation.

Given all the years that UP steam said, “It’ll never happen,” you can’t blame the doubters.

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