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Just returned from Spring York - where we met with hundreds of LCCA members.  The event for the LCCA started Wednesday evening at the LCCA Special Event at Smokey Bones.  Everyone of the 85 Special Events attendees had a good time with drawings and multiple prizes.  LCCA members who attended Smokey Bones or stopped by at the booth received the newest generation (3rd version) of our LCCA Pin.  I was pleased to have "touched" hundred of members during the week.  We had a number of new members join us and welcomed back a number of members who renewed a lapsed membership.  There was an LCCA raffle each day to add to the excitement.  Thanks to all members who stopped by and said hello.  Make sure to watch the Special Events page on the Web for upcoming events - a few new ones have been added.  AND BE SURE TO STOP BY MR. MUFFIN'S TRAINS THIS WEEKEND and visit with Mr. Muffin and Al Kolis, President Elect and Special Events manager! (Link to May 3 Mr. Muffin Special Eventin Carmel IN).

Topics discussed in this issue:

  • LCCA Monon 2014 convention car delivery - (please link this and below points to the paragraphs below)
  • Poll Questions -
  • Nominations and Elections -
  • Convention -
  • Junior Membership (JM) -
  • ·        Electronic Membership -
  • Special Events -
  • 45th Anniversary Celebration -
  • In Closing -


LCCA Monon 2014 convention car delivery -

Lionel is still scheduling delivery of the LCCA Monon 2014 convention car to our business office before the convention and if they are able to do so, members who ordered the car will have it in their hands before the start of the convention.  Thanks Lionel for helping to improve the delivery of LCCA products from order to receipt    (please image of Monon car)


Poll Questions -

A new set of poll questions has just been posted (Poll questions #8).  This week we ask about where and how you purchase your trains, accessories and track.  The last Poll (number 7 - S-gauge) is still up, we are asking all members to reflect on S-gauge as we decide how best to serve our members who favor S-gauge.  Be sure to express your thoughts and come back to see what others in the club have to say.  We will return to our weekly poll schedule next Monday - May 12th.  We all have a desire to express our thoughts and ideas.  This is one venue where we can talk to and express ourselves to thousands in our industry.  Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity.  Thanks to all those who have taken previous polls and have come back to see the results on line. Link to take Poll #8


Nominations and Elections -

The LCCA Ballots for election of 2 directors and the club secretary are being mailed this week.  The LCCA is fortunate to have a slate of extremely qualified candidates.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, I request every member cast their vote and return their ballot.  These candidates answered the call for club leadership, they all deserve your support and consideration.


Convention -

The convention is less than 3 months away!  We have over 350 members registered and our total attendance will be over 700 folks!

  • Modules - This is a call for all attending members to bring a module section to the convention.  A number of member modules will be there, bring yours either decorated or not - all are sought and welcome.
  • ·        For the first time, registered, but non-attending members can purchase the convention on-site car.  See link for more details.  (please add white autorack pic here)
  • The pre production sample of the  2014 Convention Registration Gift was even better than expected.  This Fantasy South Shore Trolley will be given to the first 400 registered members who stay in the Host Hotel for 3 nights.  See the pre-production Sample - Link  (please insert attached trolley picture)


  • The LCCA will offer a 3x5 US flag to all attendees who take the "Indy Memorial Tour" see tour details
  • There is a special gift for all attendees who take the evening tour to the Indy Children's Museum.  This is a special place for members of all ages - and it will not disappoint.  see tour details.  
  • The convention team reports that the convention is shaping up to be one of our best.  The exceptional tours, the massive trading hall, the free seminars, the layouts, the Lionel team, and a number of as of yet unannounced surprises.  If you have not been to a convention or it's been a while, this is the one to attend.


Junior Membership (JM) -

Keep in mind the LCCA is promoting the Junior Membership Program as a way to bring children into the hobby.  Every one of our members knows at least one child who would benefit from a JM membership.   This year consider a commitment to give a paid JM membership to at least one child - a gift from you to the Hobby!  We all talk about "where are the young people" - well, let's each reach out and get them involved.  This is a project each of our members can take on and accomplish.  Grandchild, neighbor, friend - if a child has a train interest, do your part and get him/her involved.  Don't just think about it, DO IT.


Electronic Membership -

The Electronic Membership classification has had a successful start - with new members joining as EM's and a few of our Regular Members requesting to become EM's.  The EM membership is for those who prefer to receive their publications via the web and will not receive hard copy in the mail.  Remember, to transfer from a RM to an EM, you MUST contact the business office.  Our computer system does not yet allow this type of transfer on line.  We are working to update this process, but for now, you must contact the business office to transfer your membership type. More about the EM program.


Special Events - This week-end - MR MUFFIN's TRAINS in Carmel, IN.  Get a sneak preview of this massive layout in the Indianapolis area.  This event is worth the time and effort to get there - meet with many of our local members in the area.  Be sure to seek out Al Kolis and say hello!  see more.


45th Anniversary Celebration -

The 45th anniversary celebration activities are in the planning stages - and what a number of surprises are in store for our members!  The 45th anniversary auto rack has already been announced, stay tune as more exciting products, events and activities are announced.  (please pic of 45th auto rack)


In closing -

It is refreshing to experience the friendship, camaraderie and fellowship from all our events.  This was true at Smoky Bones on York Wednesday.  The opportunity to reconnect with our friends, to grow closer to acquaintances and to meet with members we did not know is priceless.  It is what club membership is all about.  The Hobby is in good hands and there are opportunities for existing and new hobbyists.  The club remains strong and our members have the opportunity to share their hobby through the club.  Be proud of what we are and what we offer.  Thanks to all our members who make it possible for the LCCA to grow, prosper and be a significant and contributing part of the hobby.


Dennis DeVito

LCCA President and Fellow Member

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