6-28075 smoke fan worked one night then stopped

I have a TMCC 6-28075 where the smoke fan did not work in the past, it would smoke but no fan.  Never got around to trying to fix it.  I have had it for about two years, bought from a member NIB.  Last night the fan just started to work out of the blue.  Tonight no fan.  I was running in command.  I did open it up, drilled the hole bigger to get better smoke, removed the fabric  sleeve from the resistor.  I still get smoke but no fan.  Should I just replace the whole smoke unit, $30 from Lionel, or hopefully my LHS.  The part # is 610 8057 200.  I am guessing just the motor could be bad, but it shows as unavailable.  Assuming it is the original smoke unit, it is 17 years old.  


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Your guess is most likely correct on the fan motor not working. Email forum member gunrunnerjohn for a few options. There is a motor available to substitute for this motor.

This is a really nice engine. it was the AC motor the kept me from getting one.


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The instructions does say it has a pittman motor.  I will be honest, I don't know if I would have know by just looking.  When I took the shell off, I saw what I thought was just a big can motor that was powering both power trucks. 

I have used the MTH motors for those, it's a bog-standard motor.  Drop me a line if you need a motor, it's silly to buy a whole smoke unit for a $5 motor.  For this unit, it could also be the smoke fan regulator components, there are three small parts that regulate the AC for the DC motor, those are also available.

FWIW, it is a big can motor that powers this one, it's the Pittman DC motor.

Is the track power at or near 18 volts?  Did you add some smoke fluid?  About 10-12 drops should do it as it did have fluid.  Since this is an unregulated smoke output, track power directly affects smoke production, below around 14-15 volts, you'll be hard press to see smoke.

Another thing to try is holding the smoke on down for a few seconds, this boosts the voltage and should start the smoke.

That makes no sense, the fan should run anytime there is enough power to have any smoke out of the heater.  They're hard-wired together!  It ran like a top here, I did replace the regulator as it was toasted.

Are you running in command mode with 18 volts on the track?  Did you toggle the ban on with the AUX1-9 key sequence?  Is the fan switch on the locomotive on?

It's really odd that you have no sound on the rollers, I never have that issue if I have power.

The smoke works in reverse and now forward?  At this point, you have eliminated the smoke unit as it's behavior doesn't change with direction or neutral.  However, some versions of the R2LC do drop the smoke power in neutral for steam, what is the version of the R2LC in that locomotive?  It's on the sticker on the R2LC board.

I was running through my CAB 2.  When I run conventional smoke and fan works in forward, neutral and reverse.  I am guessing it has something to do with a setting in the CAB2/legacy base.  I tried convention just to see if there was any difference, I had not tried conventional before.

Let's try programming this properly, it's the only thing that comes to mind.  This is the reprogramming instrucitons for your locomotive.

2-6-6-2 Reprogramming



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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Let's try programming this properly, it's the only thing that comes to mind.  This is the reprogramming instrucitons for your locomotive.

2-6-6-2 Reprogramming


I will try the reprogram tomorrow.  I tried today, but when I got to enter 74, the keypad was not showing numbers, just the commands.

harmonyards posted:

john, could the OP possibly have selected his engine as a diesel in his legacy? Ive done that before by accident....made one of my tmcc steamers do stupid things....

I did check that today to see, but it is set to steam, with TMCC control.  Would having control set to CAB1 or legacy make a difference?

It won't work properly with the CAB2 set to Legacy, it needs to be TMCC or CAB1.  Make sure you set the type EXACTLY as I posted above.

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