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OK..quickly...  If anything sound interesting, please go to the website...

Some MTH Alco S-2 switchers

Some MTH premier centerflow covered hoppers, and some fishbelly hoppers.

ill be ordering a few of the recently announced 2021 PS-1 box cars.     I've backed off on asking for any special run cars on these, as the margins on these MTH cars is very thin, and I can offer something very similar from Atlas at a lower price.   Im trying to arrange special runs from MTH on cars that are not available from Atlas.  More details coming as things progress... run of troop cars, and converted troop cars are on their way here.  Many are sold out.  Once I get the pre-orders sorted out. I'll put whats left up on the website.   Also the Trinity 5161 covered hoppers are coming. There will be a few available on the website once I make sure the pre-orders are covered.

Other atlas thats back in stock....Picked up some of the older 17.360 tank cars.  Diamond shamrock, Stauffers, the ACFX with the red stripe.  They are up on the web now.  Also some more PS4750's....N&W, BN and a few others.     The pink covered hopper cars we are down to 16 sets left, and a few individual cars.

Still have  several pallets worth of NOS atlas, MTH, lionel to get to and get up on the web.  This will take a while, tho.



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