A little weathering fun

I just finished painting my overland Bulldozer w/side boom. Thought I would share that brass models still do get painted even today. Hope this inspires someone to get off the computer and build. It’s fun

First picture is what I started with, which is a work of art itsself. 2nd picture is fresh paint with custom decals I made on my alps printer. Following pictures show it all weathered from use.

**side note if you have one of these, arttista # 1487 fits perfectly as an operater with just slight bending of arms.





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I'm not a Brass collector or buyer but when I see those models in bare brass I think what a shame to mess it up with dirt.

I'd buy two one for the cabinet one for the layout!

My wife would say "I believe you".

It's a great weathering job congratulations mate.

Please can I ask you one day to resin mould some Steel Mill items like ladles for pouring and carrying hot metal and the large hooks to lift them off the cars and I will make the rest. The ladles I am referring to are not like the Slag car ladles from MTH or Lionel they are like this. Thanks.






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