Hello all .....York is a wonderful event about 9000 guests filling many huge halls stuffed with hundreds of tables piled high with trains .....now if you walk all the halls and gather up every piece of O scale ..it would fit on one 6' table .... so it's all about the hunt .

This year an Alexander K4 surfaced ...found 20 years ago + - ...about 10 miles from Ed Alexander's barn . It's going to need some love ... tender drive , outside 3rd rail ...this puppy is early ..unique 2 piece cast frame . I was a very happy camper finding it ...  circa early 1930's 

Cheers Carey


note skinny smoke box ...so motor had to go in tender ...Alexander was very proud about that to be accurate to scale   




angleside enginetender drivebottom of tendernarrow boilerbottom engineM M Dec 1931 cover his layout


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