Has anyone modeled Altoona PA??  I obviously cannot even attempt to do a compressed model of the PRR facilities.  Right now here are some of my ideas:

1. Train service: A car-service building, diesel fueling/sanding scene, coaling tower, water tower, "yard"- really some unpowered O27 tracks leading into the car service building.

2.  City-  I plan to terrace it to give the effect of the hills above the tracks, and have a bunch of trackage below.  


3.  Backdrop-  I will have to rely on backdrops, w/ building flats for the suggestion of the rest of the city.

The main track is done; the "Altoona/ Juniata" sections would be dropped about 5", and tracks there would be O27 and non-powered- used for storage. etc.  BUT  I could power them up and run locomotives and cars as a switching section about 5 feet in length.

Any comments or other ideas??  The track plan attached.  


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IMHO, your best bet for a "compressed " Altoona locomotive shops is to mimic the 12 st facility and NOT Juniata which is HUGE!

Clark Dunham who built the model at the Alrtoona RR's museum did a good effort and has some good effects..

I mean- it doesn't look that big from up here...


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